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  1. Bob and family:

    It has been a pleasure and honor to participate in, compete with and enjoy this great RC hobby with you over the years. You will be missed. Great to see you at last years NHRSA meeting in Las Vegas. When you are traveling along I-15 to Las Vegas and passing Apple Valley, call us and come visit. Phone is 760-955-8088.

    Paul and Pat Stenberg
    House of Balsa

  2. We all know why yet know nothing. To the Novak family, let me thank you for earning both my business and respect with consistently high quality products at competitive price points. I learned that Novak esc drained budget nicads at c rates exceeding the boom tolerance. ie I blew them up and won the race by default. It was the only time I beat the local hotdog. Gould consumer nicads in the 80’s were then banned from our indoor track. Thanks for

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