Author Nathan

Surface Review

While browsing RCU’s forums, I ran across the Redcat Racing forum again and it didn’t take long for me to head over to their website to see what was new. I was immediately impressed with the selection, given it’s been a while since I had last checked. Of course, the Rampage MT jumped out at me as I remembered reviewing it in the past, which lead me to other vehicles where I eventually landed on the Shredder V2.0.


Traxxas took a familiar platform, upgraded it for durability, made it easier to use with their charging systems and batteries, then lowered the price. The LaTrax Teton once retailed for $159.99, is now offered for $139.99 and can be found at online retailers for less. The Teton is fast enough to keep a more seasoned r/c hobbiest entertained for a bit, but will keep the younger among us entertained for quite a while.

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