My Trip to Vietnam Day 6 – Local RC Club Flying


Day Six – Local RC Club Flying

Because of the heat and humidity, they like to fly earlier in the morning. After breakfast, I packed up all my belongings and checked out of my hotel. Duyen picked me up at 08:00 hrs, and we headed out of the city to meet up with the local RC club. Mind you, for this overweight Minnesota man, it was already HOT outside! But, I enjoyed the time outdoors, and even got a bit of sun. I took my camera along to take photos for this article and for Duyen.

When we arrived at the flying site, which happened to be a road at the edge of town, the club already had shade tents up and they were assembling their airplanes. As they each were ready to fly, they took to the sky one at a time. Some of these pilots were very experienced, and some were beginners and intermediate pilots. I will say that they are more adept to flying in less than ideal conditions that I am, but we’ll get to that in a bit….

One more thing – the local club even brought out a cake to help Duyen celebrate the 20th anniversary of Seagull Models! It just goes to show that modelers around the world are a great bunch of people!

Here’s some photos of the local club in action!


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