My Trip to Vietnam Day 5 – Seagull Models 20th Anniversary Dinner Celebration


Day Five – Celebration Day!

With Duyen’s daughter set to pick me up at 09:00 hrs, I was up at 07:00 to eat some breakfast before getting ready to go. The hotel had the most wonderful breakfast buffet I have ever seen and tasted! Of course, not everything was to my Western flavor pallet, but most of it was delicious! After breakfast, I got ready for the celebration. Believe it or not, I actually wore a suit – for those of you that know me, you know that this is very far outside of my normal attire!

Upon leaving the elevator, the front part of the hall was filled with many of Seagull’s current aircraft, and some 2018 new releases as well. The large 50cc Decathlons were there in both color schemes, the new Nieuport 28, and the yet to be released Mitchell B-25 and 1/5 scale L-4 Grasshopper! There were a total of 35 different airframes on hand for guests to see!

Before everyone was seated for lunch, I poked around in the hall a bit. Man, there were a lot of tables! They had also been spread out more than they were on Friday, leaving less room to fly – good thing I had gotten some practice time!

The stage had been set up very nicely, and included three large aircraft paintings and an ice sculpture! That was an amazingly large block of ice!

After the tables had been filled with guests, but before lunch was served, Duyen’s kids gave a touching speech for their mom.

The speech was followed by a video showing some of Seagull’s aircraft and some of the OEM models the supply to companies like Hangar 9. It was a great video and everyone loved it!

Following the video, A group of us put on a show for all of the guests by doing a little indoor flying. I flew the UMX P-47 again, along with another UMX P-47 flown by a friend of Duyen. A pair of UMX T-28s were flown by two of Duyen’s employees, and another employee flew the UMX Timber. The guests seemed to enjoy the show, and I managed to avoid the floor – well, mostly. These P-47’s are difficult to fly in small spaces! Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one that bounced their plane off the floor…

Lunch was served in seven courses – Unfortunately, two of my photos didn’t focus properly, but every bite was absolutely delicious! Featuring lots of seafood, these courses were wonderful!

As you can see, it was a packed house! I’m not sure how many guests there were, but I’d guess there were close to three hundred people in attendance. Everyone had a great time, Including Duyen and Catrina! After the celebration wrapped up, it was back to my hotel room for the day. I enjoyed having some extended down time, and walked about the plaza in front of the hotel for a while. I went to the restaurant attached to the hotel for dinner and enjoyed a plate of ‘spaghetti carbonara’, which turned out to be much different than I expected. It was still a good meal, but tasted much like a ham and cheese sandwich on spaghetti noodles! The rest of the evening I spent in my room, catching up on emails and messaging with my wife and a good friend in North Carolina.


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