Twin Cities Radio Controllers (TCRC) 2018 Annual Auction


The Twin Cities Radio Controllers is a great, long standing R/C club located in Jordan, Minnesota. They are one of the few clubs, that I know of, that actually own their flying field! Though the field floods most every year in the spring due to it’s location, this also makes the land not much good for anything else! TCRC has well over 100 members on it’s roster – this is what lets them put on such an event as their annual auction. Every February, usually the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, the club holds their auction at the Cross Point Church in Bloomington, Minnesota. I cannot remember the last time I DIDN’T attend this event, to be honest with you! In 2018, the auction was held at it’s usual location – Cross Point Church in Bloomington, MN.

Scott Anderson, former club president and all-around nice guy was one of the 47 volunteers that made the 42nd annual TCRC auction another great success!  I’ll give you some numbers in a minute – but let’s get to some photos first…

When entering the church, the first thing you’ll see is the registration tables. There are two – one for selling items, and one for getting your bidder’s number. The doors opened at 06:45 for sellers and bidders alike. I’m usually one of the first to arrive, outside of the volunteers running the event. I bring some items to sell because I run out of room in my basement and garage. A volunteer is even on-hand to open the door as people start bringing in their items for the auction.

One thing I need to mention – TCRC has a great website – – it will get you all the information you need to get ready for the auction. In addition to the website, they send out an email about a month prior to the auction to anyone that has sold items at last year’s auction. You can get pre-registered with a seller’s number, and print a seller’s sheet to complete before the day of the sale. With my seller’s sheet completed and ready, I started bringing in my items. Trust me when I say that it’s easier to complete the seller’s sheet in the comfort of your own home without 15 other people waiting behind you in line!

The club has been doing this for such a long time that they have a great system in place to make sure all items are tracked. Rest assured that all items brought in are tracked and recorded before they’re allowed to leave with the newest owner.

With all of my items handed off to the volunteers, I paid my $5.00 entry fee, and found a place to sit and wait for a while.

Just before the bidding commences, all of the guests are allowed a brief time to walk through the tables and see what is all on hand!

There’s a TON of items on hand again this year – some look familiar from years past. I saw a partially assembled kit that I purchased approximately 15 years ago, still in the same state of assembly as when I bought and sold it! There’s even a few that are circulated every year!

Wow! There’s so may airplanes! Some are in better shape than others, but they’re all going to be someone’s treasure at the end of this event…

Some of the larger aircraft held separate silent auctions, and were kept in a different location – there were many giant scale planes in this section!

Some of the best parts of the auction are pictured above – the concessions stand and the raffle prizes donated by local hobby shops! I have been known to visit the concessions booth a couple of times throughout the day-long event – they have doughnuts and coffee for breakfast, and hot dogs and Subway sandwiches for lunch! THe raffle prizes were donated by Hobby Warehouse, Hobby Zone, and Big Sky Hobbies.

 I’d like to take a minute and introduce our returning volunteer auctioneers!

Scott Anderson

Jim Cook

Brian Johnson

All three did a great job again this year – way to go, guys! Scott Anderson led off the day with his commanding voice – he read off the rules and let everyone know what was going on.

Let’s Get Bidding!

As in past years, bidding began right at 09:00 AM – it was a fast paced auction, as it had to be. There’s so many items across the stage in just one day!

Throughout the day, I tried to get a large sample of what was brought to the auction – there’s just so much to see!!!

There was lots going on at the silent auction tables as well – sadly I seemed to have missed a lot of the action on the tables… But the larger, and more expensive planes took in several hundred dollars a piece on these tables!

And now, back to the auction photos!

As you can see, nearly every type of aircraft was represented at the auction – from vintage airplanes to modern jets, and multi-copters to helis. If you wanted it, and it flew, it was probably sold at the auction!

Raffle Winners!

A dozen prizes were raffled off throughout the afternoon, and it’s easy to see that there were some happy modelers on hand! Congratulations to all the winners!

And Now, the Stats……

Every year, I like to give out some statistics from the auction – Thank you, Scott Anderson, for getting me these numbers!

47 volunteers
190 bidders
88 sellers
495 items across stage
Average of 57 seconds per item
$30,350 gross sales
The club earned $4650 for annual budget

Wrapping It Up

As I do every year, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to the volunteers of TCRC for putting on such a great auction. Scott, Jim, and Brian gave everything they had to get those aircraft across the stage in less than a minute per item, and it’s always fun to go see my flying buddies! I’ll be back in 2019, and I’m sure I’ll bring my camera again – see you all next year! -GB



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