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Every once in a while, a new ‘How Do I…’ idea enters my mind. This gas can, is no different. I had one that I gave to a friend, so I decided to put together another one! For many of us, a gas can is something we’ve just always had. Of course, you can buy a complete can that all you need to do is fill with gas and oil. But, where’s the fun in that?!?!? Here’s a simple 1 gallon can that I use with all my airplane engines – everything I fly gets the same oil to fuel ratio, so I only need one can! For some, this may seem like a pretty easy project. For the rest of you, read on to see how simple it really is to make your own gas can!

Items You Will Need

You’ll obviously need a container with a cap – I highly recommend a gas can for gasoline. If you’re going to put this together for carrying/pumping glow fuel, a plastic jug is fine. I’ll be using the DuBro Kwik-Fill Fuel Pump kit (Catalog No. 911). Nearly everything you’ll need is in one package! Now if youre setting up a pump for glow fuel, you can use the included silicone fuel tubing. If you’ll be pumping gasoline, you’ll also need some Tygon fuel tubing. I get my tubing in a 30′ bulk roll from DuBro.  The blue disk is a plastic electrical junction box cover. It costs less than a dollar at my local home improvement store, and will be a major part in this project!

Most of the new gas cans have so many safety feature on them that it’s difficult to use the can for anything else! However…  With the cap and nozzle removed, you can grab the white screen insert with a needle-nosed pliers. Twisting the screen will allow it to loosen, but it must be pulled from the can – and it can be really difficult! Keep at it, and it’ll come out. I disassembled the cap and nozzle, removing the rubber o-ring carefully to avoid damaging it.

I measured the diameter of the filler nozzle, and divided that by approximately two – in this case, from 40mm to 20mm. After making a small dimple in the plastic cover, I drew a 40mm circle with my caliper.

My tabletop band saw and belt sander made quick work of cutting and sanding the disk to the proper shape.

Here’s the cap, O-ring, and new center cap. A little more minor modification, and these parts will make up the new cover.

I marked the center of the cover, and drilled a small hole, then a hole a little larger, until the final dimension of the hole was 1/2″. The O-ring was put around the canter cover.

The filler neck on the DuBro pump is short, so I made a relief cut in the cap. This will allow the Tygon tubing to pass through/ over without putting stress on the plastic tubing nipple. I added a 7-1/2″ long tube to the bottom side (Drawing up fuel from in the gas can) of the red connector, and a 6″ tube to the top side (drawing fuel to the fuel pump).

The large, white plastic nut was tightened in place after sliding the included small O-ring over the threads on the red plastic connector. An included fuel screen was inserted into the end of the tubing that goes inside the tank. A DuBro in-line fuel filter was added to the 6″ fuel tubing, followed by a 4″ piece of Tygon and the Kwik-Fill Fuel Pump.

The included piece of chain is wrapped around the gas can’s handle and secured with a small split key ring. The other split key ring and clip were attached to the pump, which allows the pump to hang on the side of the can.

We’re almost done! An 18″ piece of Tygon fuel tubing was attached to the Kwik-Fill Pump. I inserted the fueling tip into the other end of the 18″ tube. The fueling tip has a nice port on the top of the Red connector in the cap.  With that, your new gas can is complete and ready for gasoline!


As I stated, many of you already know how to make a gas can. I really hope there’s some newer pilots that are just getting into gas engines and this ‘How Do I…’ article gives them an idea as to what they will need, and how they can make their own gas can! Feel free to leave a comment or ask me a question if you’d like. As always, From my shop to yours – Happy Landings! -GB

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  1. Super! Nice idea to cut out a relief in the screw-cap. As an alternative, I 3d printed the center cap (your blue disk) with a slightly raised center section to elevate the nipple of the red Dubro insert to be above the screw-cap!

  2. I made one very similar to this, but I found a solid gas cap at Wal Mart that fit the threads of the can. That kept me from having to fabricate the blue disk.

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