ROBART pumps up your reliable pneumatic systems


Robart listened! People have been talking about not wanting to lug around large compressors and bulky pumps. Here is the solution, part number 164E, The Robart Rechargeable Electric Air Pump by Robart. For over 40 years, Robart has been known for their dependable pneumatic retractable landing gear. Whether you are flying a 2lb RC airplane all the way up the 55lb plus RC airplane, Robart has the pneumatic gear and air kits for your plane.

Before today, pilots used portable tanks, bulky compressors, and trays with make shift pumps. NOT ANYMORE! Robart’s Rechargeable Electric Air Pump offers the following:

  •  Compact design to fit in your back pocket for the walk to the flight line. Pump is 8” long by 2” in diameter. The removable fill tube is approximately 6” long
  •  Quickly (YES QUICKLY) fill an empty large air tank in approximately 1 minute.
  •  Digital display for ease of setup and monitoring your progress.
  •  Automatic shutoff, so don’t worry if you start bragging about your plane and leave it unattended.
  •  150 PSI capabilities. We should note that Robart recommends that all pneumatic gear run on 100 PSI.
  •  AC & DC charging capabilities with a built in lithium battery




Robart even helps around the house, the 164E-A offers additional attachments for:

  •  Filling bicycle inner tube style valves
  •  Bulk filling such as beach ball or small air mattress
  •  Needle valves on sports balls
  • Blow new life into your pneumatic landing gear, PUMP them up quickly and easily.

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