Typhoon H3 co-engineered with Leica


In 1914, one man played a major role in revolutionizing the world of photography. Many innovations later the company, whose success the developments of Oscar Barnack had made a major contribution to, stands like no other for absolute top quality and state-of-the-art camera technology „Made in Germany“: The Leica Camera AG.

In 1999, people all over the world had the dream of flying – also in China. And so the first remote-controlled electric aircraft was developed that anyone could easily launch, fly and land. Around 250 patents later, the resulting company stands for a transparent and flexible open source architecture with high security, reliability and intuitive operation of professional multicopter: Yuneec.

In 2019, Yuneec and Leica take a big, joint step together and bring the best of their respective worlds together to bring Leica photography to the skies – with the new Typhoon H3 and the ION L1 Pro camera co-engineered with Leica. For unlimited perspectives and new, creative possibilities.

New standard in aerial photography
The H3 has been specially developed for photographers and videographers who want to rediscover the world from above in a new look. The components of the H3 and the L1 Pro are precisely matched to one another and make it possible to take highly detailed, brilliant pictures from the air with the legendary Leica look. The safe and reliable hexacopter design featuring 6 rotors remains stable in the air – even
when it’s windy outside.
Furthermore, with the aid of the stabilized 3-axis gimbal, you can take perfectly stabilized and sharp 20 MP photos and up to 4K videos at 60 frames per second. User-defined image mode and focus settings, lossless digital zoom and superior image quality make the ION L1 Pro the camera of choice in its class for all aspects of aerial photography.
Typhoon H3 with ION L1 Pro camera co-engineered with Leica, ST16S remote control, battery (2 pcs.), charger, neck strap for ST16S, optional patch antenna, SD card, power and USB cable$ 2,199
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