Quik-V6 Q500 Destined to Dominate


Featuring a Nats-winning design by Jim Allen, the Quik-V6 Q500 is destined to dominate Quickie 500 events with its pure performance and competitive spirit. It’s also a great choice for sport pilots who have the “need for speed.” Either way, experienced pilots can count on the Quik-V6 Q500 to build and fly FAST!

  • Prebuilt and factory-covered wings, fuselage and V-tail.
  • Balsa sheeted foam core wing with carbon fiber/fiberglass reinforcement.
  • Internal V-tail linkages.
  • Low-drag wheels.
  • Aluminum “back plate” engine mount.
  • All-white finish allows for custom racer-preferred trim schemes.
  • Complete hardware package included.


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