HobbyKing’s New Vision


Dear modeling Friends,

Want a sneak peak of HobbyKing 2019? Lifetime hobbyist, Toby Osmond has stepped into the role of CEO and is giving HobbyKing a bright new direction. As the former owner of a local hobby store, Toby has kept his passion for RC throughout his career and is keen to refocus HobbyKing on major categories and site usability.

Good news, we’re getting back to basics. Moving forward, HobbyKing will have a renewed focus on batteries and electric planes, as seen by recent launches such as the Graphene Panther and Avios C-130. We expect 2019 to be filled with many new exciting models that will push HobbyKing to become the world’s #1 online RC store.

Thanks to your online feedback, we will be upgrading the website experience, focusing on site speed and usability. Meanwhile, we promise to continue being the best value retailer in RC. Keeping the largest range and the best prices will remain at the core of HobbyKing, so that you can confidently shop online knowing that you’re saving as much of your hard-earned cash as possible.

We are grateful and humbled by our loyal customers and are excited to continue serving the RC community.


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