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For longer than I can remember, Graupner has been manufacturing radio systems that are on the leading edge of technology. But what happens when they take that great technology, and give it a bottom dollar price? Well, you get the new mz-12 PRO radio system! with a retail price of under $200, you get a 12 channel transmitter, a 6 channel receiver, and a few other small accessories – that’s a pretty hard deal to beat for such a low price! Interested in the new mz-12 PRO from Graupner that can take on airplanes, helicopters, drones, cars/trucks, AND boats? Read on to find out more!!!


Price:   $199.90 USD (At time of review publication)

Where to Purchase:   Graupner USA – mz-12 PRO

     Operating Voltage      3.4 ~ 4.35 V
     Control Channel      12CH
     Current consumption      About 250.0 mA
     Controller      32bit micro controller
     Radio Frequency band      2.4000 ~ 2.4835 GHz
     Radio Modulation      FHSS
     Joystick Function      Yes, Micro USB Port
     Antenna      Built in Dipole Antenna
     Display      128×64 Mono LCD
     Telemetry function      Internal LCD, External Smart box
     Telemetry announce      Internal Speaker or Earphone output
     Toggle switch      5ea
     Volume knob      1ea
     UI Interface      Tact s/w
     Flight Phase      2
     Model memory      250
     Battery charge      Micro USB Port
     Firmware upgrade      Micro USB Port
     Trainer Function      Wired/ Wireless
     Battery      Included 1500 mAh LiPo Battery
     Charger      Yes with supplied USB cable. Needs USB power source
     Dimensions      183.6 x 258.7x  95.9 mm  (7.22 x 10.18 x 3.76 in)
     Weight      570.4 g   (20.12 oz)
     Temperature Range      -10 ~ +55 °C   (14 ~ 131 °F)

First Look

The mz-12 PRO arrived in a full color box, and was neatly packed in a foam insert – There’s a manual for the included Falcon 12 – six channel receiver, and a ‘Part One’ manual for the transmitter. Because of the vast programming options, part two of the transmitter manual is available online for download. You can find it under the download section on the transmitter’s webpage.

Included with the mz-12 and receiver are a pair of double-sided tape mounting tabs, a USB charging/software update download cord, and a warranty card. Graupner has some of the BEST warranty terms in the industry on all of their products!

The mz-12 is a very nice looking transmitter  – The antenna is placed within the handle, and is no longer mounted externally – this means you are going to have a REALLY hard time breaking it off! Seriously though, it’s nice to not have it externally mounted. The aluminum adjustable sticks are a nice touch, and feel good during use. The overall profile and size of the mz-12 is smaller than the flagship transmitter, but still feels nice in hand. One more thing to mention – the red power switch cover and gimbal bezel are removable, and Graupner has color choices available! Now, you can easily customize the exterior of your transmitter without any real work!

The mz-12 PRO incorporates a blue LED backlit LCD screen – the screen isn’t as nice as the TFT touch screen in the mz-24 PRO, but for an overall cost of less than half of the mz-24 PRO, the LCD screen is fine.  I like the aluminum knobs, and the switches all feel really good and are easy to reach – I’m still having a hard time believing that this is a $199 transmitter!

On the left side of the screen are your directional buttons – these will help you move through the different menus and sub-menus in the programming screens. On the right side are the Enter, View, Escape, and Telemetry buttons, These will be used to make selections and back out of the menus, and the Telemetry button will give you access to the telemetry functions. Without any additional accessories purchased, the only telemetry functions you’ll have is the receiver voltage, temperature, and signal strength. The Voltage is displayed on the main screen of the transmitter.

Turning the transmitter over, you can see the nice hand grip areas, the battery cover, and the various input ports available. There’s a micro USB port, which is used for charging the battery, a Data Port, which is used for connecting a smart box (for different telemetry features), and a DSC Port for headphone and simulator use.

Included with the mz-12 PRO is the new Falcon 12 – six channel receiver. The single antenna receiver includes a color-matched painted case, adn loads of cool functions! The end pin construction allows this receiver to fit in some very small spaces. So – what kinds of features am I talking about? Take a look at what Graupner has to say about this small receiver:

“The Graupner Falcon 12 sets a new standard for flight controllers. The Falcon 12 is an airplane stabilizer, flybarless helicopter controller and multirotor controller all in one compact package that includes also real-time telemetry and a long-range receiver.

Setting up the Falcon 12 is easy. By using the wireless connection on your HoTT radio you can access all the features and settings of the Falcon 12 without the need for cables or computers. Controller settings can be adjusted during flight or changed using flight modes. The Falcon 12 can adapt itself to your needs or flying style making it the most versatile flight controller on the market.

The Falcon 12 flight controller can be used in almost any airplane, helicopter or multirotor application accommodating many type of configurations and settings

The Falcon 12 can be expanded with additional telemetry modules (GPS, Altimeter, ESC Telemetry and more)”


  • Airplane Mode – Three axes airplane multi-mode stabilization OFF/Normal/Heading Lock/Rate
  • Helicopter Mode – Flybarless controller
  • Multirotor Mode – All quad type configurations
  • Modes and rates can be changed during flight
  • SUMD 8ch output for third party controllers
  • New ultra-fast gyro sensors for fast and crisp response
  • New long range single wire antenna receiver
  • New auto binding mode
  • Small form factor that fits in any small sized air frame
  • Setup made easy using wireless connection with Graupner HoTT radio
  • Supports V-Tail, Dual Elevators, Butterfly, Flaperon mixing
  • Built in five channel mixer
  • Real-time wireless flight data recording
  • Built in telemetry for signal strength, temperatures and receiver voltage
  • Free firmware updates using the Graupner Firmware Update Studio

Now, maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a lot of features packed into a small case!

Getting the mz-12 PRO Ready

Using a USB Power source, I charged the LiPo battery via the charging cable included with the transmitter. When it was fully charged, I turned on the transmitter and installed the Falcon 12 receiver in an aircraft – in the video, you’ll see the Graupner Aviat Husky that I used. It was a good match for the radio system!


Take a look at the video, where I’ll give you a better look at the transmitter!

Here is Graupner’s promotional introduction video as well:


Well, That’s going to wrap it up for this review of the new Graupner mz-12 PRO transmitter. I really like this transmitter – It’s easy to use, and has a rugged simplistic nature to it. The voice commands are great, and there’s lots from which to choose! The best part of the mz-12 PRO is that you get a full TWELVE channel radio system for under $200! If you’re looking to step up to an easy to use, twelve channel system, make sure you check out the new mz-12 PRO from Graupner – you’ll be glad you did!

That’s all for now – I’ll see ya next time! -GB

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