A couple of months ago, I received a Facebook message from a guy named Jake. He told me that he represented a company called, and he wanted to work with RCUniverse to review one of their products. After checking out the website and talking it over with my editor, I replied to Jake’s message, and a few weeks later I had a Ready to Fly, FPV mini quad to review. Now, when I say mini quad, I mean it fits in the palm of my hand. And when I say Ready to Fly AND FPV, I mean it came out of the box ready to fly and it came with a 40 channel, 5.8gHz  FPV camera on the quad AND a set of FPV goggles too! This little quad looks to be a great all-in-one package, and should be a good intro for anyone looking to get into FPV at a decent price – how decent? Read on to find out!


Product:   REDPAWZ R011

Price:   $63.99 with FREE Shipping


Size:   83 x 83 x 43.5mm    (3.25 x 3.25 x 1.71 in)

Battery:   1S 3.7 Volt 35C 200 mAh LiPo

Transmitter:   4 Channel 2.4 gHz

FPV Video:   40 Channel 5.8 gHz

Flight Mode:   Mode 2

Flight Time:  Approx. 5-6 minutes

Charging Time: 30-40 minutes

First Look

The REDPAWZ quad arrived in a plastic bag, but the product box was wrapped in protective foam. The box didn’t have so much as a scratch on it! Inside, I found all of the pieces carefully packed – and there’s a lot of stuff packed into such a small box!

Everything was in good order, and appeared to be of high quality upon initial inspection.

Both the quad and transmitter are small enough to fit in one hand, but size doesn’t always determine performance… There’s several features built into the palm-sized transmitter! It has headless tracking, which simplifies flight if you lose orientation, and even a Return-to-Home feature!

A trio of cables are included as well – an audio output cable allows you to plug into the headset and get audio from the FPV camera, and a charging cable for the headset and the quad’s LiPo flight battery.

Speaking of the flight battery, the REDPAWZ R011 comes with a 1S 200 mAh 35C LiPo battery! Also included is a lens cover to keep dust and other debris off the FPV camera lens when the quad is not flying. I also really like that the four-bladed rotors have full guards that should help protect the rotors and motors from damage during accidental contact with objects!

Getting Ready for Flight

Since the REDPAWZ R011 arrives as a Ready to Fly FPV quad, there’s not much to do to get it ready for flight. There is, however, a couple of minor assembly items for the headset, which took me approximately 5 minutes!

Using the included cleaning wipes, I cleaned the nose pad area of the headset and installed the adhesive-backed pad. The elastic head band was then attached to the split strap mounts, and the antenna was attached to the base.

I connected the headset charging cable to a USB plug in, and to the headset. The headset took approximately a half-hour to charge.

Using another USB plug in, I connected the flight battery to its charging cable and let it charge. When it had completed its charge, I installed the flight battery in the holder on the bottom side of the quad. The battery was then connected to the quad.

I installed three AAA alkaline batteries in the transmitter, secured the cover with the included Philips screwdriver, and powered on the transmitter. The quad linked to the transmitter quickly and was ready to fly! There are instructions in the manual for linking the transmitter to the quad in case fails to link on power up, but YOU MUST POWER ON THE QUAD BEFORE THE TRNASMITTER.

With that, the REDPAWZ R011 was ready to fly!

Photo Shoot

Flight Report

Well, I tried to get some time to fly the little quad outside, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. I Decided to get in some flying time at my church’s gymnasium – though not the largest gym in town, the R011 was quite at home in the spacious area! I took off and flew the quad around, and it required just a couple clicks of forward trim to keep it in a relatively stable hover. I was quite impressed at how well it maintained a localized hover for such a small, inexpensive FPV unit!

I liked that it had three different flight modes, each giving the the quad more agility than the last. These settings are changed by a ‘trigger’ button on the left front on the transmitter. The lowest setting should allow even the newest of pilots the ability to keep the R011 in the air! As an intermediate quad pilot myself, I preferred the mid rate setting, which gave me the freedom to fly it fairly fast and keep it under control. The highest rate mode should be saved for racing and experienced pilots, but short sessions will help pilots grow their skill set.

Another trigger button on the right front of the transmitter is used for aerobatics. This is the flip button, and combined with a movement of the right stick, allows the quad to flip in any of the four main directions – right, left, fore, and aft. Though I didn’t manage to catch a flip on the video, I can assure you that this function worked quite well and was fun to do!

Because I wear prescription glasses, I was unable to use the headset, but my son used them while he flew the quad and said they worked very well and provided a clean, clear picture. I was also able to link the FPV video transmission to my monitor, which has a built-in DVR. You can see part of the video that was recorded in the video below.

The 200 mAh flight battery lasted for about 6 minutes of flight time, which consisted of hovering, and moving flight. For such a small battery, I was impressed by the flight duration!


Check out the video below to see my introduction and flight of the REDPAWZ R011 FPV quad!


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from an all-inclusive FPV quad setup for less than $65.00. With that said, I must say that I was overly-impressed by what was in the box, and how well the quad and the headset performed! The R011 flew well, and the FPV camera and headset did a great job during my test flights! The only thing I could find that I didn’t like was the fact that there was only one flight battery – I wish I had about five or six more batteries, so I could enjoy more flight time before charging! If you decide to pick up one of these little FPV quads from, make sure you pick up extra flight batteries – you’ll be glad you did! -GB

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