Graupner HoTTrigger 1400 V2: Part Two – The Flight Report


Well, after weeks of extra snow in April, and a month of rain in May, June finally gave way to a few days of decent flying weather! As promised, I got to the field ASAP and got some review planes flown…  The first of which is the Graupner HoTTrigger 1400 V2. If you missed Part one of this two-part review, or you need a recap, you can find it here: – Graupner HoTTrigger V2 Part One.

Equipment Recap

Just a quick reminder of what I used to complete the HoTTrigger – My Graupner mz-32 commanded the plane from the ground. Sure, it’s way more transmitter than the 1400 V2 requires, but it’s one great radio system! In the plane, I used a Graupner HoTT GR-12L 6 Channel receiver. This Graupner combo is hard to beat!

Equipment Update

Since the assembly review went live on RCUniverse, I received some batteries and a power supply from I happily swapped out the original 4S 2200 mAh 25C LiPo I had planned to use for the beastly battery shown above! Yes, it’s still a 4S LiPo, but it has a larger capacity and a True 150C discharge rating! This battery will be able to handle any kind of draw that the HoTTrigger can throw at it! You can find this particular battery here: This is one of the best batteries I have ever used!

Time to FLY!

As I said earlier, April brought way more snow than I care to think about, and May was just plain waterlogged. So when we got a few nice days in early June, my buddy Jim Buzzeo and I met at the field to get caught up on reviews! The breeze was varying from 5-10 MPH, with a sunny, but hazy sky.

With the wings installed, and the Graupner mz-32 transmitter powered up, I strapped the MaxAmps 4S 3250mAh True 150C LiPo in the battery compartment and installed the battery hatch. I had previously set the transmitter to have a throttle lock on one of the mz-32’s digital switches – this means it’s controlled by an icon on the transmitter’s touch screen, rather than a physical switch. The throttle lock was turned off, and the HoTTrigger was ready to fly! One thing was immediately clear – the more powerful motor and 4S 150 C MaxAmps battery was definitely a winning combination – Within just a few feet, the 1400 V2 was off the ground and climbing out quickly!

With just a little aileron correction on the initial climbout, the HoTTrigger 1400 V2 was gaining altitude hand over fist – she definitely has a better than 1:1 power to weight ratio! Once the plane had reached a safe altitude, we checked for trim adjustments – a few clicks of left aileron were needed to make the HoTTrigger fly straight and level. With the trim adjusted, it was time to have some fun. Now, for it’s size, the HoTTrigger 1400 V2 is very lightweight. With the battery installed, it tips the scale at 64 ounces (53 ounces for the plane and 11 ounces for the MaxAmps battery). That’s just FOUR POUNDS for an unlimited aerobatic aircraft with a wingspan of  55 inches (1400mm)!

When it comes to sport flying, the HoTTrigger 1400 V2 fits the bill very well. it has a very solid feel and flies wherever you direct it when flying on low control rates. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – this plane can do it ALL! It’ll fly a pattern routine with a locked in feel and make any pilot look good. But it also flies 3D aerobatics with the best – flipping the dual rate switch to high turned the HoTTrigger into a 3D monster – you can throw this plane around the sky doing all of your favorite high-alpha maneuvers, and you’ll be making up your own maneuvers as well! The recommended control throws for each style of flying were spot on, and made the HoTTrigger 1400 V2 perform like two different aircraft!

Not only does the HoTTrigger fly extremely well, it looks great, too! The silver and black trim scheme is just one of the three color choices that come with the plane – mix and match them as you’d like. Personally, I really liked the silver and black scheme, but it gets a little more difficult to see the plane’s orientation against a grey or hazy sky.

Jim and I both really enjoyed this plane, and it was a blast to fly!

Now, I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will anyway. The Graupner HoTTrigger 1400 V2 is definitely not a beginner’s airplane, but it can certainly be flown by any intermediate level pilot. If you haven’t flow one yet, I highly recommend that you do – Check out the video below!


Well, I’m not sure what else I can say about the Graupner 1400 HoTTrigger 1400 V2. This plane rocks! It’s really easy to assemble (See part one of the review), looks great, and flies very well! This all-in-one flying machine will satisfy all of your flying moods, from sport to pattern to 3D – This one does it all!  I’m sending out a special thank you to Mannie Garmie from Graupner USA for giving me the opportunity to review this outstanding aircraft, and understanding the complexity of springtime in Minnesota. If you don’t own one of these planes, you definitely should – go get one TODAY!

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