Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Camera


One of the things that I like about geekbuying.com is the large variety of items they have. In the ‘RC & Hobby Toys’ category, they have a huge variety of all types of RC vehicles and accessories. There is literally page after page of items available, and all of them are reasonably priced! Now, some of the products are higher quality than others, but most of them are good. This review is going to focus on one of the coolest little quadcopters that I’ve seen in a long time – the Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Camera. The MITU has more features than one would expect for less than $75.00.

Have I got your attention? Let’s get the box open and see what’s inside!


Name:   Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Camera

Available at:   www.geekbuying.com

Price:   $72.00 (Price at time of write-up)

Dimension:   91 x 91 x 38mm
Net Weight:   88g
Auxiliary Positioner:   Ultrasound + Visual Sensors
Battery:   1S   920mAh
Flight Time:   8-10 Min
Charging Time:   About 60min
Input:   5V  1A
Camera:   HD 720P
Photo Resolution:   1600 x 1200
Video Resolution:   1280 x 720
Storage Space:   4GB (on the quadcopter)
Wireless Connection:    802.11a 5 GHz Wi-Fi
APP System:   IOS / Android
Control Method:   Phone / Bluetooth controller
Control Distance:   50m
Control Height:   25m
Work Temperature:   0°C – 40°C
Suitable age: 14+ years old

Package Contents

1 x MITU RC Quadcopter
1 x Battery
1 x USB Charging Cord
6 x Propeller  (3 x CW 3 x CCW)
4 x Propeller Guards
1 x Manual (English manual must be downloaded from internet)

First Look

The Xiaomi MITU arrived wrapped in foam in a plastic shipping bag. I was happy to see no damage to the box when I opened the bag! The small, brightly colored box was packed well and  protected its contents! The quad sat in a cradle above the battery and remaining parts, and required a little final assembly.

As you can see, there’s not too many parts, so assembly shouldn’t take very long…

In addition to the sturdy frame of the MITU, I found a really cool removable 1S 920 mAh LiPo battery pack. I have also recently learned that geekbuying.com has an accessory set available for the MITU that includes a dual charging unit and a pair of batteries for under $30.00!

There are six propellers included (four for immediate use and two spares), four propeller guards, and a USB charging cord. To use the cord, you will have to provide a power source, such as a cell phone charging brick.


Assembly began with installing the battery pack. due to the notched corner, it can only be installed in one direction. Once installed, the battery is also the top cover of the quad’s frame.

The propellers are simply pushed on to the motor shafts, but make sure that the propellers are orientated correctly – the props with the orange dot are installed on the motors with the orange markings. The all-white props are installed on the motors with no markings.

The four propeller guards are snapped into place under each of the motors. They are removable, along with the propellers, allowing the original box to be used for transport and storage.

With the MITU now assembled, I connected the micro USB plug to the side of the airframe, and connected standard USB plug to a cell phone charging brick. Charging the battery took about an hour. While charging, the blue light on the bottom of the quad will flash slowly. When the battery is charged, the blue and orange light will stay on. With the battery charged, the Xiaomi MITU was now ready to fly – Well, almost…

The Transmitter and App

So you’ve probably noticed, by now, that I haven’t shown you a transmitter. That’s because there’s no transmitter included – your smartphone becomes the transmitter via an installed app! For the MITU, you’re going to use an app called Mi Drone Mini – See Below!

Once I had the app installed on my device (in this case, a spare smartphone I have) it was time to log in to the app and connect the WiFi. To connect, turn on the fully charged quadcopter by pressing the power button for two seconds. When the quad is on, turn on the WiFi search in your device. When your device finds the signal, it will display in your device as ‘MiDroneMini_XXXXXX’, but the X’s will read out as numbers specific to your individual MITU. Enter the password (123456789) and your device should connect to the quad via a WiFi signal. I then opened the app and followed the on-screen instructions. After the instruction screens, the controller ‘sticks’ and video feed showed on my device’s screen. The MITU was now ready to fly!

Photo Shoot

Flight Report

One of the things that I really like about these small quadcopters is that I can fly them in my back yard – and I don’t even need to leave my deck! With the quad and my device powered up and  connected via WiFi, I placed the MITU on the deck in front of me. I tapped the auto-take off icon on the screen, and it gave me a warning to check the surrounding area for obstacles. I tapped the OK icon that appeared below the warning, and the four propellers spun up and the MITU ascended to a height of approximately three feet above the deck. It just hovered in the same place, moving almost none – and there were no trim adjustments on the screen! Outside of a $500.00 plus drone, I have never seen a quad hover in such a small space uncorrected! Just for kicks, I walked up to the quad and pushed on it – I was able to push it away from me, but it moved right back to its original hovering position. Now, I was REALLY impressed!

I flew the MITU around in my back yard for a while, getting a feel for it. This took almost no time due to the outstanding flight characteristics of the quad.  It’s the easiest, most stable small quad I’ve ever flown! Even using the touch screen of my device was easy, as was using the other options like headless tracking, and taking photos and video!

Check out some photos I downloaded from the app to my device. The photo and video quality are actually quite good for such an inexpensive quadcopter!

OK, back to flying the quad… There’s a few cool things that you can do with the MITU – headless flight, G-Sensor mode, and the 360° air tumbling.

The headless mode offers new pilots the option to fly the drone in any rotation as if the quad is pointing directly away from them – this is helpful because when the quad is pointing nose in, the forward/backward and right/left flight directions are reversed. In headless mode, the MITU can be facing any direction, and it will still fly in the same direction, as if it’s facing directly away from the pilot.

G-Sensor mode gives you the option of using your device as the controller in a different manner – the device is tilted fore/aft and left right to control the quad. This works really well, but is dependant on the capabilities of the individual device. The device I used did not have a good accelerometer built into it, so the G-sensor did’t work. It did, however work on my Google Pixel 2 XL for a while, but then my phone upgraded to the new Android Pie (9.0) operating system. the app did not work at all with my Pixel 2 XL after the operating system upgrade. So, I went back to my older spare phone, and the app worked, minus the G-sensor system.

360° Air tumbling is a cool maneuver, allowing the MITU to perform flips in the air. The icon was tapped, followed by moving the right control ‘stick’ in any given direction. The quad would then flip over in the selected direction – it was a lot of fun!

When it came time to land, I simply brought the MITU back to a hover above the deck, and tapped the land icon on the screen. A warning popped up on the screen to check for any obstructions below the quad – I tapped the OK icon, and the quad descended slowly to the deck (nearly at my feet) and shut down the propellers. That was it – and, yes, it was THAT easy!

Check out my video to see the Xiaomi MITU WiFi FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Camera in action!


Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of testing a lot of small quadcopters -The Xiaomi MITU is by far the best! I like the size of it, and it looks pretty cool. I like the fact that you can remove the battery easily, and geekbuying.com has additional battery packs and a dual charger as well! This is one great little quad, and i’m very happy with it. The MITU will definitely see a lot more flying time – much of which will be flying in my back yard! Now, I just have to see about getting that dual charger and extra batteries, y’know for testing purposes….

From my shop to yours, that’s all for now. Happy landings! -GB

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