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For those of you that have been on RCUniverse for a few years, you may remember that I reviewed the Graupner mz-18 radio system. At the time, it was the most advanced transmitter I had ever used! The color, touch screen made it easy to get through the various menu selections. The mz-24 was also a new transmitter at that time, which was basically the same with three more channels and an mp3 player. Fast forward to today – I’m now trying out the new mz-24 PRO. What makes this radio system ‘Pro’ level? Read on to find out!


Price: $469.99

Where to buy: Graupner USA – mz-24 PRO – Red



Beautiful ruby-red color

Machined-Aluminum quad bearing 4096 resolution gimbal

External accessible stick tension adjustment

Real-time SD-card data logging of critical flight information

Balanced weight distribution of radio with comfortable rubber hand grip

External DSC port for flight simulator connections or third party device

External data port for optional Bluetooth

5000 mAh LiPo battery

Firmware can be updated with Graupner Firmware Update Studio


mz-24 PRO Transmitter Red or Silver                                             1 x GR-16L 8ch receiver

2 x GR-12L 6ch receiver                                                                         5000 mAh LiPo Battery

Battery Charger                                                                                              USB PC interface set

USB interface adapter wire                                                                                            USB Cable

SD Card adapter                                                                                                           SD Card case

Micro SD Card                                                                                     Aluminum Carrying Case

USB adapter wire                                                                                                            Neckstrap

Neckstrap balancer                                                                                      Two year Warranty

Manual – Part 1

What’s in the Box?

The Graupner mz-24 arrived in a full-color box with loads of details and specifications, and some very nice photos as well. Inside, I found an aluminum carrying case with a comfortable handle and nice hardware.

Inside the case, I found a lot of really nice items that make for a very comprehensive, top of the line radio system! Check out the video to see what I found:

As I pointed out in the video, there’s a lot of good stuff included! In addition to the three receivers, micro SD card and adapter, the USB, adapter cables and neck strap, Graupner has included a 1S 5000 mAh LiPo transmitter battery. There’s no doubt that a battery like this will keep you away from the charger for quite a while! One more thing – Graupner has a TWO YEAR warranty on their transmitters, receivers, telemetry sensors, and chargers, while ESCs and servos carry a one year warranty. Motors and batteries have a 30 day warranty.

So What Makes it Better than the Other mz-24?

That’s a GREAT Question!


I’ll start by mentioning the 4096 Resolution Aluminum Gimbals – This is definitely a step up from the mz-24! There’s a few other items that separate the two transmitters as well! Watch this next video to see what’s new!

There are some Enhanced Functions and Changes as well:

– RF can now be switched on or off by touching the RF icon on the main screen.
– The Timer 1 and 2 display is now touch sensitive for timer reset (by tapping) and timer menu access (by pressing).
– Battery use time is now automatically reset to zero when a newly charged battery is detected.
– When telemetry data is written to the SD card the SD icon on the main menu will animate for visual reference.

The BASE menu has been re-arranged to accommodate the newer radio functions and icons, providing a more consistent user interface. The BASE menu is the main screen where all basic functions are accessed to setup and configure models. Some menus have been consolidated for easier use such as the CTL Set menu and REV/SUB (reverse, sub-trim) menu.
– REV/SUB (Reverse and Sub-Trim) has been consolidated into a single menu.
– The MOTOR menu now offers “logical switch control” for activation. Motors can now be operated by assigning multiple switches in differing positions for each function.
– TX CTL has an AUTOLOG function that starts logging telemetry data the moment the model is assigned and a valid bind is established.
– The TIMER1 function allows a stop switch to be assigned. Users no longer have to press the ESC key to stop the timer. A voice announcement is heard when TIMER1 is activated.
– The AUTO TRIM function can be found in the TRIM STEP menu. If enabled, this function will remain active until deactivated. It is recommended that once the model is properly trimmed and tuned that AUTO TRIM be turned off to avoid accidental activation.
– CTL SET function now provides access to the channel offsets, travel and delay. The latter are flight phase specific and can be altered depending on the active flight mode. Channel switch assignments can now contain a logical switch control.
– ANNOUNCE enables voice activated switches. Depending on the switch, each position can be configured for a voice announcement. For example, a three-position switch is able to play 3 different voices. A switch that has been made flight phase dependent can play a total of 18 different voices, totaling over 150 different voice announcement combinations.

The FUNCTION menu provides access to all of the advanced functions and software functions of the radio. After completing the model setup in the BASE menu the FUNCTION menu is the next step in enhancing model setup, configuration and performance.
– PHASE menu, previously called Q.Links, can now accommodate voice announcements that are flight phase dependent.
– D/R.EXP menu now supports triple rates. The D/R menu is flight phase dependent and can support a total of 18 different rates.
– PROG.MIX now allows logical switches for controlling the mix. A new TRIM ON/OFF option has been added to allow to de-activate the trims when the mix is active.
– SNAP ROLL now allows logical switches for controlling the mix.
– AILERON DIFF now supports differential reduction for each flight phase.
– FLAP MIX now allows logical switches for controlling the mix.
– CAMBER now allows logical switches for controlling the mix.
– BUTTERFLY now allows logical switches for controlling the mix.
– LOGICAL SW provides a logical switch function to perform an ON or OFF state for a combination of switches, proportional controls or a combination of both.
– SEQUENCE will operate up to 3 channels in certain order and time.

– ETC.SET now has the option to lock the screen with a pass code to protect against unauthorized radio access.

Photo Shoot

This is one good looking transmitter – no matter what angle you loo at it! I really like the red color accents, as it  livens up the face of the radio!

A few photos with my mz-18 for comparison.

Just a few more.

My Final Thoughts

First, I’d like to thank Graupner for the opportunity to review their new mz-24 PRO transmitter. Like it’s brethren the mz-18 and mz-24, the PRO feels very nice in hand. There’s a certain ‘Heft’ to the transmitter – it doesn’t feel cheap at all. I really like the red bezels on my transmitter, but it’s also available in a dark silver color as well. I like the hard aluminum carrying case, and that Graupner has included 3 receivers! I like the touch screen that makes it really easy to program the transmitter.

The mp3 player is pretty cool – it’s fun to listen to music while flying, and I love all the cool features in this transmitter! Personally, my favorite feature is the sequencing, so check out the video below!

I think the best part of all is that this radio system, with so many different and awesome features and options, is that you can still get it for under well under $500.00! To me, that seems like a steal of a deal! There’s some 9 Channel transmitters going for as much as $120.00 more than the mz-24 Pro, and while you can get a less expensive 14 channel transmitter, It doesn’t come with the same kind of accessories, programming, OR quality!

There’s not much more I can say about the mz-24 PRO radio system. It takes all of the features and options of the mz-24, adds some great accessibility to the User Interface (Touch screen), received some updated software, and even upgraded 4096 Resolution Aluminum Gimbals! The new Graupner mz-24 PRO is a top of the line radio system at an affordable price! I tip my hat to Graupner for a job well done!  -GB



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