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No Matter what aspect of RC you’re into, we all have one thing in common – We all need a battery charger of some type. Be it old school chargers for NiCd and NiMh, or a newer charger for LiPo and LiFe batteries, we all use a charger, and for that charger, we are reliant on a power source. Some are equipped to handle AC (Alternating Current) power straight from the wall in your house, while others require a DC (Direct Current) from a battery or power supply. Speak of the devil,  a power supply is the exact reason I’m writing this article – I’d like to introduce the new 12Volt Power Supply! It claims to be quiet efficient, so let’s put it to the test…


Product:    MaxAmps 12 Volt Power Supply

Where to Purchase:

Price:   $89.99 USD

Input Voltage:   100-240 Volts AC

Output Voltage:   12 Volts DC

Continuous Output Current:   62.5 Amps

Power Output:   750 Watts

Size:   9 in (228.6 mm) L x 3.5 in (88.9 mm) W x 1.5 in (38.1 mm) H

Weight:   38 oz   (1.07 kg)

First Look

The MaxAMps 12 Volt power supply came in a plain brown shipping box wrapped in bubble wrap and taped securely. Once unwrapped, I found a nice little power supply, an AC cord, a couple of decal sheets, and an instruction manual with four rubber feet stuck to it. The power supply itself is covered in a heavy duty black shrink wrap and adorned by a cool looking decal. On the back is a warning decal stating not to disassemble the power supply, as there are no serviceable parts inside.

On one end is the AC cord connection and the cooling fan. A green LED light is lit when there is AC power connected to the power supply.

The DC outlet end has a pair of 4 mm gold plated female bullet connectors – the positive connection is clearly marked red for easy identification. There are also a few slots in the end cap to allow cool air into the power supply.

A six foot AC power cord is included, as well as a one-page instruction sheet. Taped to the corner of the instruction sheet are four rubber feet that need to be applied to the power supply.

Preparation and Using the Power Supply

The rubber feet were removed from the backing and them to the bottom corners of the power supply.

For this review, I will be using my Electrifly Triton 2 EQ AC/DC input charger. I’ve been using this charger for a number of years now, but always connected to a 110 Volt AC wall outlet. This charger has never been used on a 12 Volt power source prior to this article.The Triton 2 is a great charger, and has a lot of options, but is still easy to use!

This next part is VERY important!!! Always connect the charger to the power supply BEFORE powering up the power supply! After I connected the charger to the 4 mm female bullet connectors, I connected the AC cord to the power supply.

The AC cord was then connected to a 110 Volt outlet ( up to 240 Volts can be used). The green LED lit up, indicating there was input power to the supply.

For the initial test, I connected a MaxAmps 11.1Volt 2800 mAh LiPo battery to my charger and started charging. The power supply provided plenty of power to the charger, and the battery was charged in about an hour. provided a couple of other batteries for upcoming review products, so they were also test charged. Both of these batteries were charged easily! These 100C batteries should be able to handle some serious discharge demand!


It’s time to wrap up this review. I really like the MaxAmps 12 Volt power supply. It’s small in size, lightweight, and  offers a great power output! I could barely hear the cooling fan running, and it proved to be able to power my charger for the batteries I charged. The best part of this power supply is the ease of use – just connect your charger, plug the power supply into an AC power source, and you’re done! I also like that there’s no on/off switch. Though this may seem like a disadvantage at first, it’s really not – especially when you realize that if there’s no switch, it can’t fail! If you’re looking for a reliable, easy to use 12 Volt power supply, then make sure you check out this offering from, and MaxAmps can even do one better yet, as they offer a 24 Volt DC power supply as well!

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