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With the growing popularity of quad-rotor aircraft, Real Flight has come out with an all new version of their popular Real Flight simulation software that is geared specifically towards flying quad-rotors and learning how to take the best possible aerial photos out there! So set back and lets dive right in to their latest offering, Real Flite Drone!


Real Flight simulators have quickly become the benchmark in what we have all grown to expect in top notch R/C flight sims. The attention to all the details that they put into each and every version is second to none. I am quite interested to see where this one can go with future updates! They can only make it better and its pretty darn good to start!

System Requirements

Minimum Recommended System: (note: Some graphical features may be disabled. Aerodynamic calculations will remain high quality.)

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Intel Pentium 1.0GHz or equivalant

512 MB RAM
3 GB Hard Drive Space
DVD Drive

3D Accelerated Video with: 32 MB Dedicated Video Memory, Full DirectX 9 compliance (Shader model 2.0 or better)

Optimal System: For best graphical performance.
Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU
3D Accelerated Video with:
512MB dedicated video memory Pixel Shader 3.0 support.


InterLink Elite Controller:
USB Port
Compatible FM or FM-selectable transmitter (if using interface mode)

Note: The connectors on the Interlink Elite cord and included adaptors make the Interlink Elite compatible with the trainer jacks on most Futaba and all JR, Spektrum, and Twer Hobbies systems.

Activation Required


Real Flight Drone arrived in a nicely done box with a flip out panel that shows all of the stock included quad-rotors you will find on the simulation. There are a few quads that you can unlock by performing challenges with in the sim, which is a nice added feature.


Included in the the box was a copy of Real Flight Drone with activation key, InterLink Elite Controller, and the cables needed to connect to you own transmitter if your choose to use the built-in interface function. This is nice if you just want to use your own transmitter so that you get used to the switch placement you may use flying your real quad-rotors after some practice. The cables included are compatible with most Futaba, and all Spektrum, JR, and Tower Hobbies controllers.


The InterLink Elite Controller looks and feels just like a real R/C transmitter in all respects. It has 8 channels and the switches are all fully programable within the software for those that prefer a custom set up. The 8 channel set up allows easy access to all of the RealFlight Drone’s features including camera gimbal controls and flight functions. It even includes digital trims! One of the more useful functions of the InterLink Elite Controller is the “QuickSelect” panel on the face. This allows operation of all software functions through the controller with out the need to find the corresponding keys or buttons on your mouse! And lets not forget the most important button…. the RESET BUTTON! This wonderful button lets you instantly reset your drone to its home position despite any mishaps you will have encountered in the simulation environment. This is much much cheaper then mishaps with the real things!


There is a nice selection of drones and environments to choose from. And if you explore around I am sure you will also find lots of little things that I may have forgotten to mention! There are areas to practice everything from FPV to photography to quad racing etc.. And I am sure you will find lots of things that during my review I did not have time to explore. There are even birds flying around if you look hard enough which are great for practicing air to air photography!

The simulation runs very smooth and as we all know from all of the previous versions of Real Flight simulators the aerodynamics are very accurate. For the most part you can expect your R/C drones to behave in much the same manor as they do within Real Flight Drone. (minus the parts recovery bags)

There is also a very nice feature of challenges to help you hone your drone flying skills. As you progress through the levels you gain points towards unlocking new quads. (can you say deadcat?) The challenges get to be quite (pardon the pun) “challenging” as you get through the levels. In the time I had to review I was unable to get 100% completion for all of them, but it is sure something I will continue to try to do. These challenges are great practice for gaining the skills needs to pilot your multi-rotors expertly and safely.

The only thing that I found to be a slight rough patch was the fact that during FPV view all of the drones seem to fly much slower then they do in fixed view or chase view. To me this makes the FPV racing experience way less exciting then flying the real thing. We have all seen the videos of just how fast these little racers can be. I am hoping that in future updates they can address this. Racing through the obstacles is half the fun! Other then that I found the simulation to be very accurate and life like with all the things you can do within the environments.




I found Real Flight Drone to be a fantastic simulation for anyone wanting to get into flying multi-rotors for the purpose of photography, FPV, racing or just for fun. The realism we have come to expect from the Real Flight team has not been cut short! Its easy to install and the attention to detail is second to none! The included InterLink Elite Controller is of the same high quality you would expect to see in a real R/C transmitter and with the interface it is easily coupled with your own controller. For anyone new to drones as well as the seasoned drone flyer Real Flight Drone simply can not be beat. I highly recommend grabbing your copy today! And watch out for those pesky zombies!



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