RTL Fastener’s new Servo Mounting Screw Assortment


Assortment #5745

RTL Fastener’s new Servo Mounting Screw Kit # 5745 comes with five different sized servo screws totaling 500 screws!

No matter if you are assembling an ARF, scratch building or building from a kit there comes a time when you have to install the servos. The vast majority of servos come with servo mounting screws, eyelets and rubber grommets. However, the supplied servo mounting screws leave a lot to be desired. RTL Fasteners has compiled an assortment of servo screws that will make your servo instillation easier and most important – better! How could they be better than those supplied by the manufacturer you ask? I’m glad you asked!


#2All RTL Fasteners servo screws come with a hex head into which a 5/64″ hex driver is solidly inserted. This will permit a servo installation that is hard to reach and the screw head is at an angle. Also the hex head of the screw also doubles as washer to increase the surface mounting area.

Another consideration is the size of the servo screw….not one size fits all! This assortment consists of two different sizes (#2 and #3) as well as two or three different lengths. For those lighter/smaller aircraft there is a #2 x 5/16″. Most .40-.60 sized glow powered aircraft can use the #2 x 7/16″, but lately many are switching to the #2 x 9/16″ servo screw.




Larger sized aircraft require faster stronger servos and those servos require a larger servo mounting screws.

RTL Assortment also has both #3 x 7/16″ and #3 x 5/8″ servo screws.




Shown here is a new size for me personally… these are small and will be used for mounting canopies, servo hatches as well as mounting servos in some of my smaller airplanes.



I’ve been using servo mounting screws from RTL Fasteners for quite some time and have to admit I’ve relied on there products time and time again. Many of the ARF’s on the market are supplying “Phillips Head” screws that don’t hold up well,  especially if you do not have JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screwdrivers. Many modelers are replacing the supplied hardware in many ARF’s with nuts, bolts and even servo screws from RTL Fasteners and for good reason. They work!

RTL Fasteners also has another neat “set” that they just announced: Servo Horn (Arm) Screws. So often a modeler ends up with a large variety of servo BRANDS and doesn’t know which screw will properly hold that valuable servo arm to the servo. As you may know, not all servo’s arms have the same thread so with this assortment you can properly secure that arm. On another note: the number of times their Metric Assortment (#992) has come to my rescue is amazing, so if you assemble a lot of ARFs, trust me, you will NOT regret purchasing that set! I understand they have lowered prices on both that set and their Master Builder Assortment #5000 so check out their web page for further discounts and coupons.

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