Seagull Models 90″ Piper L-4 Grasshopper 20cc ARF – An Flight Report


Sorry for the delay, but the flight report on the new Seagull Models Piper L-4 Grasshopper 20-26cc giant scale ARF is now complete! Summer 2019 proved to be extremely busy for myself and my video pilot, so trying to schedule time to fly was difficult at best. We did the best we could, and got the Grasshopper flown.  If you haven’t read the Assembly review on the L-4 Grasshopper, you can find it here: Take a look below at the photo shoot section of the original article!

Photo Shoot

Flight Report

As I previously mentioned, it was tough to find time to fly that worked for both Jim and myself – Normally, it wouldn’t be an issue to go fly a new airplane, but when you need at least two people to get that done, it gets more difficult. Well, we finally both had a day that worked, and the weather cooperated for the most part. It was a warm October Saturday, with a temp around 65° F , a cloudless sunny sky, and a westerly wind varying from 10 to 15 MPH.  While the wind wasn’t perfect for a maiden flight, we couldn’t risk a weekend day going by without flying!

The New Stinger Engines 20cc rear exhaust gas engine had been previously run on the ground, so it started easily. This was also the maiden flight for the engine, so it was still running a little rich. I will also have a review coming soon for this new engine!

The large inflatable tires handled the thick, tall grass at our field easily, as the L-4 taxied out to the grass runway. The throttle was pushed to just about half, and the Grasshopper started rolling effortlessly. The tail popped up quickly, and the L-4 broke ground. The Grasshopper climbed out nicely, still at half-throttle. A trim pass, into the wind was conducted, resulting in zero trim changes. The L-4 assembled straight and true!

A couple of passes later, we were getting comfortable with the Grasshopper and checked for high and low speed handling. Now, of course, being a Cub at heart, the L-4 slowed to a crawl without displaying any bad traits. When it did stall, the nose dropped. A few clicks of throttle and a little up elevator had the plane flying again in short order!

pushing the throttle to full gave the L-4 some decent speed, but the Falcon 16*8 Civilian Beechwood propeller kept the high speed to a scale appearance very well.

I set up the high and low rate control throws according to the manual, but we never felt the need to leave the low settings. They flew the L-4 in a very scale manner! For turning the Grasshopper, We found that coordinated turns made the plane look best in the air. The ailerons were used to bank the plane, and the rudder steered the L-4 through the turn effectively.

When it came time to land, the L-4 really shined. It was as easy as lining up on the runway and flying to the ground while reducing the throttle. the Grasshopper settled in nicely, and touched down with ease. She is a Cub through and through!

When the L-4 had come to a stop, the large main wheels and steerable tailwheel made taxiing back to the pit area easy. The maiden flight was now complete, and I have a new favorite warbird for lazy afternoon flying!

Flight Report Video

Check out the Seagull Models L-4 Grasshopper 20-26cc Giant Scale ARF in action!


Seagull Models has done it again! I love the overall look of the L-4 Grasshopper, and the flight characteristics are hard to beat. The plane was easy to assemble and looks awesome! There’s some great features built into this aircraft, including the hidden elevator and rudder servos, and airfoiled aluminum wing struts. I really like the two-piece wing, which makes transport and storage easy as well. This ARF is hard to top, and it’s a great giant scale warbird to for those with less than expert level flying skill. Any intermediate pilot can easily handle the L-4! This one will definitely be staying in my hangar – I really love this easy flyin’ warbird! If you are looking for one like this, check out to get you own! You’ll be glad you did! As always, Happy Landings! – GB

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