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For a couple of years now, the crawling and trail riding scene has been getting pretty hot. With that, comes an onslaught of new vehicles and tech. Though crawlers come in the standard 1:10 and 1:12 scales, a new size is growing in popularity as well – the 1:16 scale. Smaller in size doesn’t mean less fun – in fact, I’ve found that these little trucks make any outdoor space an adventure. Take my own back yard, for example – With some particularly rainy weather that we’ve had as of late, the grass hasn’t been cut in a approximately two weeks. Standing 4 inches tall, the grass becomes a formidable opponent against a small truck! But, I’ll leave some of the ‘good stuff’ for the ride report….

What we’re going to look at today is a 1:16 scale 4×4 crawler truck available from geekbuying.com. The WPL-C24 is a scale looking truck that has a lot of the features of  larger sized vehicles. The classic look of a small import truck sitting on some big tires and a ‘jacked up’ suspension give this little crawler just the attitude it needs for some serious back yard fun! Interested? Read on!


Brand: WPL
Item No.: C-24

Available at:   geekbuying.com – WPL-C24

Price: $48.99 (At time of Review Publication)
Scale: 1:16
Color: RED
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 2CH
Remote Controller Battery: 2 X 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
ESC: Steering Wave Box
Motor: 15A
Speed: About 15km/h
Battery: 6V 700mAh Lipo NI-MH Battery(Included)
Charging Method: USB Charging,Red Light For Charging
Charger: 4.8P
Using Time: About 25mins
Charging Time: About 2h
RED Remote Control Distance: Above 35m
Car Wheelbase: Approx. 19.9cm
Ground Clearance: Approx. 6cm
Car Size: Approx. 32.6 x 14.1 x 14 cm
Package Size: 44.5 x 15.8 x 20.3cm
Package Weight: 1.34kg

Ships from: China (Includes Free Shipping)

First Look

The truck arrived from China wrapped tightly in packing tape and a shipping box. Inside, I found a nicely adorned full color box and an almost ready to run truck packed in plastic packaging. This isn’t my favorite packaging material, but it kept the contents safe during transport.

There’s plenty of parts packed into the plastic ‘clamshell’ packaging, and the one-page manual is enough instruction to get the job done. Though the truck itself is ready to run right out of the box, there’s several ‘scale’ details to install that add to the over all appearance of the vehicle.

Before we dig any deeper into this crawler, I’d like to show you exactly how ‘big’ it is… Though small in size, I’m betting it’ll be big on FUN! (click on the photos to see a ruler laid next to the truck)

In addition to the truck, There is a small pistol grip 2.4gHz transmitter included which has a range of about 35 meters (100 feet, give or take). I was a little confused by the steering on the transmitter at first, due to the very limited turning radius of the wheel itself. As I found out, by disassembly of the transmitter, the steering is not proportional, rather it is two switches causing the truck’s wheels to fully turn in one direction or the other. I’ll touch on this in the ‘ride report’. There’s some assembly that needs to be done to the topper, and several accessories that need to be installed on the truck. A small screwdriver is included as well, which makes assembly easier!

I almost forgot…  A 6 Volt 700mAh NiMh battery pack is included, as well as a USB charging cable. The charging brick shown is NOT included, but is here for illustration as to how the battery is charged. Speaking of charging the battery, this is where I started getting the WPL-C24 ready to run! There’s a red LED on the charging cord that illuminates while the battery is charging, and the LED turns off when the battery is fully charged.

I began with the topper by installing the rear window. It actually opens, so a pair of small screws attach a retainer to the topper, keeping the window in place. A plastic handle was then added to the window. The two side windows were simply snapped into the openings on the sides of the topper.

The tip of the ‘snorkel’ was snapped in place, and then the assembly was attached to the body of the truck. There are pins on the back side of the snorkel that fit into holed in the truck. The holes are undersized, and the parts fit tightly to the truck. The mirror housings and door handles were also pressed into place.

The windshield wipers, rear tail light covers, lift gate handle, and front clearance light covers were all pressed into place next – it was later that I found the decal sheet had decals to go behind the light covers. So, off the parts came and the decals went in behind the covers.

The running boards were the last accessory item to be installed, and required a pair of screws per side. I really liked this addition, as they looked pretty cool!

I removed the battery from its charger when the red LED went out, and got the truck ready to run. The toolbox in the bed flips open, and the battery was connected to the wiring and tucked inside. the toolbox was then closed and the C24 was ready to go – oh wait, we have one more accessory to install!

Since I spent the time to assemble it, I might as well install it on the truck! Each of the four corners of the topper has a small ‘pin’. These pins fit into holes in the top of the box sides. They are just a friction fit, allowing the topper to release in the event of a hard crash. With that, the little truck was ready for an adventure – I turned on the transmitter and the truck (there’s a power switch on the bottom of the truck), and took the C24 outside to have some fun!

Here’s a quick look at the underside of the C24! The drive shafts each have a pair of universal joints, and the frame rails are metal. The centrally mounted motor and gearbox are right under the battery, so much of the weight is right between the axles. It looks pretty scale to me!

Photo Shoot

This little truck is looking pretty tough!

Trail Report

Some of you may remember my last crawler review, which featured an indoor crawler track. Unfortunately, the track is no longer available for use, but I didn’t let that stop me from running this little truck. As I mentioned in the introduction, The size of the C24 lends itself nicely to back yard fun – And my son and I had a lot of fun driving the crawler around in the yard!

There’s enough power to crawl up and over reasonably sized obstacles – if you’re going to hit the front bumper on an object, the truck is going to have a hard time climbing over that object. The tires had decent gripping ability to pull the C24 over most obstacles, and kept the truck going through the tall grass pretty easily. There were a couple of spots that were just too thick for the truck, causing it to get stuck in the grass, but it maneuvered through most of the yard without trouble.

The C24 was also much easier to drive than I had first anticipated – I had my doubts as to how well the steering would work without proportional control. It ended up being quite easy to control, even in tight spots! Most of the obstacles in my back yard were just the right size to provide some challenge to driving the truck, but not so challenging as to make it not fun to drive. On a personal note, I really liked how cool the truck looked cruising through the yard, encountering objects to crawl over!

All in all, I was quite pleased at how well the C24 performed in my overgrown back yard – both my son and I had a lot of fun driving the truck, and I’d say the battery lasted close to 20 minutes before the Voltage dropped to the point that the truck came to a stop. With that, the truck had been run, and we were happy with the performance of this 49 dollar, 1:16 scale crawler.

Check out my video to see the WPL-C24 in action:

Here’s Geekbuying.com’s promotional video as well!


I really liked this little truck – it was quick and easy to get ready to run, the battery provided enough running time to enjoy, and the truck was easy to drive. If you’re looking for a top-notch, hobby grade crawler, you’re probably looking to spend a lot more money. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for a fun little truck that is easy to drive, looks good, and won’t break the bank, you’re going to want to get the WPL-C24.

This is one cool little truck – I’m going to keep it around for a long time – as I said at the beginning, the C24 turns any outdoor space into an adventure! -GB




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