Tower Hobbies J-3 Cub – No Electric Option Here!



With its distinctive looks, it is probably safe to say that the J-3 Cub is one of the most recognized and known airplanes in the general aviation category.  The Tower Hobbies version of this airframe is 81″ wingspan ARF airframe which seems to accurately replicate the distinctive looks of the original and promises a short and easy build process to end up with an airframe that is both authentic and exciting to fly.

As you look over the Tower Hobbies version of this airframe, you can’t help but wonder if this is a re-release of the Great Planes fabric covered version which is now obsolete less the fabric covering. Either way, this should be an easy and exciting project to take on so lets dig in and see what the Tower Hobbies J-3 Cub has to offer.



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