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Tale of Woe: Dromida @ The Beach

Old 07-06-2019, 01:11 PM
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Unhappy Tale of Woe: Dromida @ The Beach

We recently moved near the beach, and in the process of the move I found my old Dromida Wasteland truck. I reconditioned the battery and successfully ran it around the driveway. So, I then went down to the beach. I still have the original Dromida box, and it clearly says "Waterproof: Sealed Against Dirt and Water". Can you see where this going? I ran it up and down on the hard sand and it seemed to be running fine. I then strayed a bit too close to the water just as a tiny wave came in - and I was in the water up to the top of the tires. The truck kept running as I brought it back to me, and just as it reached me, it stopped dead. I powered it on & off, and I got the ready chirp - but the motor just cogged with some smoke/steam coming out. I brought it home and washed the sand out of it (I figured I had nothing to lose by washing it out - it was already wet). I'm now waiting for it to dry, but I have very little hope for a recovery.

My question is: Do you think it was the water or the sand that caused this? If it was the sand, then I'm thinking a really good wash and blow-out with an air compressor might bring it back? On the other hand, if the water caused the brushes to weld themselves to the magnets, then I'm thinking it is probably toast.

Either way, now I have a reason to buy a new truck...
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Good news! After letting it dry a bit, it was still not turning the motor. So, I took off the pinion/spur gear cover and exercised the motor back and forth - and it seems to have come back to life. After looking more closely at the motor, I really don't see how they could possibly claim it is waterproof and "sealed" - there is a big slot in the motor casing! I have no doubt water and sand got in that slot and entirely around the innards of the motor.

I know Dromida cars are a quickly vanishing species - but just in case anyone is wondering if they should take their Dromida brushed truck to the beach - don't do it!
Old 07-13-2019, 11:50 AM
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the ESC/Receiver and i think the steering servo are "water resistant", meaning you can splash it though a puddle or wet grass with little to no worry about damaging the electronics. electric motors are water tolerant if you will. meaning water can't really hurt them. hell we used to break in brushed motors back in the day buy running them submerged in water for a few minutes. over time and exposure the moisture will wreck them if not dried and oiled properly afterwards.

also keep in mind that when a manufacture says water proof they're talking about fresh water. so if that beach you're running on is connected to a salt water source, like say an ocean, keep it the hell away from the water! salt water will damage it no matter how "water proof" the manufacture claims it is
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These were fun little trucks if you keep the dirt out of the gears and diff..

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