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[email protected] 09-20-2020 11:09 AM

Found old Micro RS4 brushless. Need battery recommendations.
So this is probably about 10 years old and I was cleaning out my basement and found it. It was a micro rs4 that I converted to brushless. The nimh packs are dead. Need to know what everyone recommends to power this and bring it back to life. The batteries have no markings on them and Iím not sure what the esc can handle. Itís a mamba-25. I know it used to run on 7.2 volt. Should I go lipo? I have several lipos for my quadcopters including a couple 2s packs or should I just stick with nimh. Where could I order a split pack like this. Donít really want to mess with making my own.
Edit. It wouldnít let me post a picture as Iím too new I guess. It looks like itís setup with 2 3x2/3 sticks in series. One on each edge of the frame.

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