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trx1 12-16-2009 11:57 PM

micro HIGH ROLLER thread
here my NEW micro HR unboxing vid...

found with threaded axles u can change the wheels to the rock crawler wheels
my next idea

trx1 12-17-2009 11:58 AM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Well, id like to thiank the letters S and I for there help in this
S=SHARPIE, I=IMAGINATION, XMOD team for awsome stickers
next thing ill b adding is lights(if possible)

SyCo_VeNoM 12-17-2009 12:25 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Lights are possible I've seen a few with em.
I got a blue one last week due to the damn hobby shop clerk playing with one while I was looking for buggy parts. I actually said DAMN YOU FOR PLAYING WITH THAT NOW GIMMIE ONE. :D
I only wish my LHS carried clear bodies for them :(

There a video floating around on here of a guy that put the 7.2v lipo pack in his and shows it rocketing around the room.

trx1 12-17-2009 03:51 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
lol. now your hooked!

SyCo_VeNoM 12-17-2009 05:27 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
After I said i wanted it I was like WELL GOTTA GO. He was like why stay awhile. I said Well would love to but thats enough impulsive buys for the day and something else here is stating to catch my eye. He asked me what I pointed at a Baja 5B
I think leaving at that point was the right choice on my part :D
That baja looked so tempting though...

PrjctStrtFrce 12-17-2009 07:25 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
What hobby shop???

SyCo_VeNoM 12-17-2009 08:05 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Als hobby shop biggest one I could find in the area.
Only other hobby shop I could find in the area mainly does planes, their onroad RC section is 1 shoebox(think it was a size 12) of parts, I kid you not...

trx1 12-18-2009 04:54 AM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
took the hr outside for a bit...damn truck acts JUST like my old pede did. im gonna enjoy this.

lololol glad u got out when u did eh?? "you'll b back!"

SyCo_VeNoM 12-18-2009 11:02 AM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Actually I was back there the other day.
Some of the paint I picked up looked like crap(faskolor blue faschange by parma) when brushed on so I went and bought a spray gun, and picked up purple and red in the faschange paint for a RC i'm getting next week. Tried it out with the spray gun it comes out nice.

I noticed that also about the high roller acting like a Stampede. I was like hmm this reminds me of my nephews stampede the way it drives. My nephew tried it and was like OMG YOU GOT A MINI STAMPEDE (he didn't see the tiny highroller name on the windshield).

I love how its a 20 minute charge to drive it like 25 minutes :D

PrjctStrtFrce 12-18-2009 07:31 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
That's my favorite shop to go to! I wanted to get the Baja along with the Kyosho IGT2 as an impulse buy, but I'll save those for later. :D

jtnktz 12-18-2009 07:44 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
I'm just letting you guys know, if you get a baja (2 stroke petrol powered) R/c you will sell all your nitros. You'll also fall in love! haha

SyCo_VeNoM 12-18-2009 08:13 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread

ORIGINAL: jtnktz

I'm just letting you guys know, if you get a baja (2 stroke petrol powered) R/c you will sell all your nitros. You'll also fall in love! haha
duh of course I'd fall in love hell I've wanted once before I bought my 1st nitro but settled for nitro
there's kinda 3 things holding me back in all truth
1) Price, it costs more than the car I drive around in (the least important thing holding me back actually)
2) I live in a apartment building thats pretty small and can't store it, I'm actually having issues storing my Savage X for the winter due to the size
3) no where really close to drive it/Its too big to fit in my car :(
Can't fit it even in my back seat(drive a 2d sedan) :(

I mainly goto Al's for bodies/paint due to the large amount they have in stock, and when I need a odd part that I have to measure up to the vehicle to size up. But as far as LHS's go its my favorite and has extremely helpful employees who actually use the products they sell. Unlike the other one I stop in at on extremely rare occasions when I got buisness to do next door to them.

PrjctStrtFrce 12-18-2009 10:32 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Get a bigger place and then you can store bigger toys ;)

SyCo_VeNoM 12-19-2009 01:10 AM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
still wouldn't help the fact my car can't fit it in lol
And if I moved to a bigger place the 1st thing I said would be a major factor unlike currently ;)

well anyways finally found someone selling a clear micro highroller body on ebay think I might order one after xmas
Also think I read somewhere the ramminator wheels fit on and the extra weight reduces wheeling, and flipping somewhat.

trx1 12-19-2009 12:07 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
im gonna try changing over to the rockcrawler body and rims for a dif look.

trx1 12-19-2009 12:09 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
too small of a car eh??

SyCo_VeNoM 12-19-2009 01:03 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
nah just I use it on carpet and it wheelies non stop when I gun it :D

I used to own Bit-Charges for racing around the office at my 1st job(3 other employees got em also) now THOSE were small

So far the highroller is a dream to work on compared to those :D

trx1 12-21-2009 04:13 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
well, broke a shock on the rear, got another set on order!

Seek and Destroy 12-21-2009 08:51 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Probably a dumb question but would it be ok to charge the stock battery with a duratrax pihrana at like .3 amps? It came with a wall charger that takes like 3 hours which is ridiculous. Or should I go buy the micro t charger that uses 8 AA's? What I mean is which one will charge quicker?


SyCo_VeNoM 12-21-2009 10:46 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
3 HOURS?????
the one I got takes 25 minutes tops (calculation shows full charge at 33 mins) and gives me a 20-25 min runtime

My stock chargers rate 400 mah and the batteries capacity is 220mAh

I did hear though from the clerk at me LHS the original batch shipped with a pretty crummy charger.

Seek and Destroy 12-21-2009 11:32 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Is yours the wall charger or the AA battery charger? I think I will pick up the AA charger tomorrow.

Quote from the manual "... Let it charge for 1 hour the first time. After running, recharge the battery pack for 2-3 hours for a full charge."

SyCo_VeNoM 12-22-2009 01:44 AM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
mines the wall

Looked at the manual just now(never opened it even ;) ). Who ever wrote it was smoking something. Or it was not updated.

Like I said the guy at my LHS that sold me it owned the 1st and 2nd version (1st had nylon arms for steering that snapped easy he said, and a charger that took 2 hours, I think it was 100mAh)
If you got the 400mAh charger just try it for 20-33 mins and see how it works (if the batteries not already damaged from overcharging)

And honestly guys at my LHS are usually pretty spot on from what I noticed.

Longest I left mine charge is 25 mins, and like I said I'm getting 20-25 mins runtimes.

Seek and Destroy 12-22-2009 11:14 AM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
My charger says 400 ma on it so I think it's the second one. My steering links are zip ties it looks like, so is that the first or second version? Anyway, I just saw you post after charging it for about 30 mins so I will let you know how long it lasts. ( first time it lasted like 45 min on the 1 hour charge )

Seek and Destroy 12-22-2009 11:54 AM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
It lasted about 30 min so I'm guessing that I have the second gen. Charger. And for like 15 min of that I was running it pretty hard with my dog.

SyCo_VeNoM 12-22-2009 12:20 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
yup mine wheelies for the 1st 15 mins when I pull the throttle. I actually find it a pain after I line up a ramp jump, slam the accelerator, and the thing then wheelies and spins out. thats the main reason I wanna try the raminator tires like I read somewhere else ;)

Seek and Destroy 12-22-2009 09:15 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
Let's say I had like $50 to spend on upgrades for this thing. What would be the first upgrades I should get for this thing? I haven't looked at the upgrades yet but threaded axles and rpm front bumper seem like they should be some of the first things to get. Any others you guys reccomend?

trx1 12-24-2009 01:06 PM

RE: micro HIGH ROLLER thread
all shall be answered!

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