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superchargedill 09-22-2009 07:44 PM

OS 10 & House of Balsa 1/2A P51
Hi Guys,
I have a 1/2A P51 that I built many moons ago and used to run a Norvel .061 and that thing used to haul *****. I just pulled the plane out of retirement and removed the worn out engine and put on an OS 10 that I have had forever. I put a 7x4 APC prop on using 15% and the best I could get was 13,200.I went from a short to a long plug, No difference. So I removed the barrel valve and drilled it out to the same size as the venturi and got it up to 14,100.

What do you guys suggest I do next to get some more power out of this engine. More Nitro, different carb. I'm looking for max performance, wide open throttle.

DeviousDave 09-22-2009 08:45 PM

RE: OS 10 & House of Balsa 1/2A P51
This engine was modified to good result by someone here (AndyW??) a while back. IIRC, a Turbo head gave good numbers.

combatpigg 09-22-2009 08:59 PM

RE: OS 10 & House of Balsa 1/2A P51
Try a 6x4 prop. If you want the most bang for the buck, run open exhaust with a crankcase pressure tap or just get some 3/16" thin wall latex tubing and run it on bladder. There might be a good selection of $3.95 pylon props over at APC for the .10 still. They used to carry odd sized props in this range, they still might.
A 7x4 is just too much for any kind of speed. These little engines can't swing the mass of heavy blades or too much diameter. If you were to spend 1/2 hour on a 7x4 MAS prop to shorten it and narrow the blades I'll bet you would be impressed. The next prop will take you less time, alsoonce you get your method down. It's a good skill to acquire if you want to go fast, because the .10 is kind of an oddball for speed prop availability. Finding the perfect prop off the shelf can be a long shot.
I would try to prop it for 18,000 rpm, at least. Use castor oil in your fuel!
OS might still sell a control line venturi, if you go to a high pressure bladder it might work better than the modified carb. The stock needle will work OK if you slip fuel tubing over it.
If this P-51 is small enough and clean enough, it will move out pretty good for ya.
Have fun!

dennis 09-23-2009 03:00 PM

RE: OS 10 & House of Balsa 1/2A P51
T tend to think that the 10 is going to turn your model into a dog.. It weighs too much and you'll be extremely nose heavy. With the additional tail weight to balance and the extra weight of the 10 your wing loading is going to be high for that rather small area wing, And finally your not going to go faster. It is a misconception that all higher cube engines will automatically make you go faster. The OS 10 is not a miracle motor but it is a great sport engine,period. if you want a boost then put in a TD09 { pre Estes} or a Norvel 074, the weight and output are more in line with what you need. One good thing is that the OS10FP with a 7/4 prop on a 1.5 tank with a C/L venturi and NVA will consistantly go 9/10 minutes. If you prop for speed then you will have to get more then that 1oz plastic tank into the model. If you go 4 channel at least with modern equipment you won't have a bricks worth of weight in the fuselage.

Yuu 09-26-2009 02:49 PM

RE: OS 10 & House of Balsa 1/2A P51
I found it!!! Praise the Lord and Pass the ammunition!! O. S. .01 "Tricked Out" is at RCU thread 5789602. Just put the number in the 'search' box above.

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