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Default RE: Still Looking for an answer!!! RDS as buddy box to RD

Thanks, Mike and I also Fly RC for your help!

I thought I had both set up identically, including Basic mode (I think) but I will re-check them, and let you know what I find out.

One thing I just noticed on your last post tho... I have no Airtronics Receivers. I am using a Futaba Rx. I know that the RD8000 is set up for the Futaba rx, because it was running all the control surfaces, but when I would press the trainer button on the RD8K, the RDS would do nothing (Nor would the RD for that matter), until I released the Trainer button, then the RD would start working again! but since it's not an ATX RX, would that make difference? also, the Futaba is a negative Shift RX, and I have the RD8K set for that!

(1 hour later!)

Re-check done..

I just re-checked both transmitters, and they are both set as follows: Basic mode - on; RST - 0

just to make it easy, I went through the settings of both transmitters, and everything is set the same.. Down to and including centering, dual rates, etc.

I will call service when I am able to get off of work and home in time to call during your normal hours of operation!!

I am using a brand new out of the package ATX 97100 cable.

Thanks, Craig.