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Default RE: SD-10G Range checking

I too had a problem when doing a range check with the SD-10G. I could not get more than 45 feet from my 7 channel FHSS1 receiver before I started getting glitches and at 50 ft I had lost all control of the receiver.

I called tech support about the problem. The guy on the phone said hang on a few and he would go talk with a service tech. A few min later he came back and told me 45 to 50 feet for a range test was ok and the manual that said 90 feet was a misprint. He said the range check power on the SD-10G was lower than expected (I tested the same receiver with my RDS8000 and got about 125 ft before I started glitching).

So my question is what is correct 45 feet or 90 ft for the SD-10G. I seem to be getting mixed reports here about range testing. My antennas were 90 deg apart as per the manual and in an all balsa model.