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The above answers are correct, but I'd like to expand a bit.
Gasser have a different carb than glow engines....gassers don't need head pressure on the fuel tank, because the carb has a there is no line from the muffler.
Remember that a fuel tank is never empty. it's either full of fuel or full of air...or a mix of the two. So to put fuel in you must let air out, to take fuel out you must let air in, that's why there is a vent line. Just like full scale aircraft there is a vent system. Like said above the line is looped to keep you from spilling fuel.

Take note that you cannot use the same fuel lines or the same gas tank stoppers for gas that you do for glow.

When you set up your gassers tank plumb it like a glow tank, a vent tube pointed upward, a line with a heavy clunk to the carb, and a line with a clunk for fill......

I don't de fuel my gassers as it helps to keep the tygon lines plyable. But I recommend that you put a stopper in your vent line, and don't store your airplane with a full tank, leaves room for expansion.

You can use the fill line to de fuel for maintenance.

Hope I helped ya.