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Default RE: DynaFlite Butterfly 99 inch (Endoplasma Powered)


I like the colors. I love these power gliders. I built the Butterfly last year and had an os25fx on the nose. One flight and I knew I had to go elecric. I have since built the Piece o cake and have an E-flite park 450 in her. But I am still itching to finish the elec. conversion BF. I have an Eflite power 15 going on the Butterfly, she may take to the air this weekind!
Its always great to see other builds of the Graceful Butterfly! and it little sister.
Well, I volunteered to cover the model for Mark back in early 2005 and it was a pain in the RUSTY DUSTY because he had the model in just rough balsa and lite plywood all assembled but, required lots of sanding due to humid conditions the model endured in his garage. Yes, I do agree that the Bright White and Bright RED is a great combination for the cover job and reason why I did it in those colors.