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Default RE: Lets see your ULTRA SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!

Kinda funny story, really.
Was dining out with my wife last week, and talking about that next weekend might be the seasons last trip to the mountains to bash the slopes. -"You're off next weekend?" she asked. -"It's your birthday!"
-"Well, yeah. It's most likely the last chance we're getting before winter" I answered.
-"So maybe you want you birthdaypresent in advance then ?" she continues.
-"I don't want a present, you know that! You haven't bought me another plane, have you?"
She grins, and tells me she felt so bad for me when I trashed the US60, so she bought me another kit.
I laughed abit, and tells her we're not flying engineplanes at the slopes, and besides that the kit will take me a few months to complete.
She goes -" How the hell could I know? I lost track of those planes ages ago!"

So, I'm starting another 60 this fall Since the .91 4-stroke died in the crash, I'll go for a 1.08 that I have stashed away. I'm pretty sure that will give me enough juice for unlimited verticals.