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Default RE: Revo 3.3 to E-Revo conversion questions?

It just depends on exactly what your going to do with it. If your looking at any kind of racing then I'd just get the E-Revo. If your looking at just bashing then I'd build the 3.3. The 3.3 is tougher than the E-Revo but it doesn't handle quite as well. As soon as you put the Mamba motor/esc and everything else on it, it sets real low though and I have an upgraded servo so it does handle a lot better than the stock 3.3 but it's still not going to handle quite as well as the E-Revo. I actually sold a brushless E-Revo to get my Flux but for some reason I wanted to build a brushless 3.3. I like the 3.3 setup better overall but the E-Revo does have it's advantages at certain things.