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Default RE: Thunder Tiger Price gouging

I hope all have sent an email to Tower voicing you concerns or feelings or this thread is non productive except to vent how you feel to others that can't or won't take it to the appropriate venue.

 Anyway the last two Pro 40's I bought from Tower listed for $94 and with the 20% off program I am in the price came to about $76 delivered to my door with the free shipping.  With the price increase it will now cost me another $33 to buy another one.  I have written Tower and voiced my concerns on the monopoly they are working hard to create and that their price increase is not being viewed favorably within the modeling community.  If you check the other TT engine prices they have all been really jacked up and I can really see the potential for other engines to come to the front for monetary reasons. 

I encourage all the voice their concerns to Tower and tell them how you feel.