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Default RE: EFlite Electric Retracts

I'd compare EFlite's and Lado's with air retracts, like I'd compare PNPs to ARFs.

I just got a TF P40 ARF and they have a section on installing air retracts. Jeez, what a mess. Last big/war bird flyin I went to, at least 3 guys brought big warbirds with air in them. How do I know? 'Cause they all had problems with the air and were helping each other troubleshoot their systems. And it wasn't pretty.

I'm putting LADOs in the Warhawk. Ooops, make that: I've put LADOs in already. Drill 4 holes for each, screw them in, plug in the connector, done.

EFlites are in a buddy's Blue Nose P51. They look good. A touch more work, but they look really good too. Plug them in and they are as troublefree as could be.