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Default RE: Sbach 30cc All Brands


Thanks Guys Now I have to choose between 5 vendors instead of 3.

Just joking, but I am wondering if some of the airplanes from the different distributors are from the same manufacturer. Wild Hare said they take some of the models and add their own hardware instead of what the manufacturer supplied. (and the manufacturer name isn't mentioned) Many do have the same color scheme.

Anyway, I am leaning toward Wild Hare, simply because they offer the combo that includes everything except the radio to get you started. Having never flown gas before I would like the first plane to have everything I need to just get in the air without having to delay flying to order something I forgot the first time. Then for the next plane I can pick and choose if I didn't like the brands they supplied.
I still have a couple of months before I can buy. I'll keep digging and see what I can find.

Arfs are often a mystery and I have found the same plane sold through different distributors, I'm thnking it is only because most ARFs I have assembled were the lower end products from CMP or Nitroplanes. I have been told a few different stories about who really makes the planes. If you go into the ARF forum you may be able to get some informed answers from people that can name names. The reason I have assembled several of the WH Extra 300s is because at one point they had a special on them, I think it was a $300.00 plane at the time. Back then you saw a lot of them in IMAC events. Been a few years sense I have put one together for anyone though.