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ORIGINAL: pacoflyer I just recently set up new plane using 2 Hitec 7955s on the rudder. The rudder in all positions ,neutral and deflected, jitters like crazy with the motor NOT running. I've switched out the DX 7 receiver for a new one and the problem continues. All digital servos have some jitter to them but I've never seen this happen throughout the entire range of deflection and at rest, in neutral. Battery strength is good as are all the connections The sevo wires going back to the tail are long on this 36% plane but I didn't think that would be an issue. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
A little more information please:
Were the servos bench tested (direct to RX) and centered AOK before installation?
Are the servo extension leads twistedheavy duty, at least22 guage?
Battery chemistry and capacity? Voltage?
Are regulators, if fitted, able to handle the current requirements of high torquedigital servos?.

Alan T.