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Default RE: Lets see your ULTRA SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!

In reply to JPMacG:

My US 60 weighs 8 1/4 lbs, powered with OS 75AX, 13X8 APC has U.V. Currently, it uses Dave Brown mechanical retracts but - I can only fly her at clubs with paved runways to keep from bending the 3/16 mains! If you plan flying off grass (our grass in Florida is crab grass) my next choice for retracts will be Robart 530RS mains with 3/8 Robo struts. If you read back in this thread, you'll see mostly (what looks like) 3/16 mains as common, no problem installations on 60's - both retract and fixed. The Robart system is expensive, but in my opinion worth every penny because of their durability. I've seen people at my home club (FL Bahia grass) bend and fold their wire gear, then rebend them back - in the wing!!? This practice absolutely shortens the base mount life and usually ends (in a short time) in cursing and frustration.

I'm currently building a US 1000 and PM'd cde (post #408) for advice on what retracts he recommended. He uses HDRobarts with 1/2" struts! He also had a great recommendation: instead of using 90's, try the 85 degree trunions - this spreads out the mains like a Me 109 and should make for better ground handling! I like it, I can use all the help I can get to better my landings. Hope this helps, now lets see if I can post pics of my US 40 & 60.

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