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Default RE: what is the best RC transmiter out there?

I´ll give the example from my club.

There for some unknown reason, was a fashion in my club, that at some point EVERYBODY bought Futaba 10CG´s
most of these pilots only fly foamies, or basic circuits with trex 500´s.
Another is only capable of stationary hovering any of his heli´s and crashes all planes he buys.
Another owns the 14mz, and has all the voice feedback programmed etc etc.. he is only capable of hovering a trex 500 and is JUST starting to fly some circuits.. after 3 years at it.

I fly a trex 450. a 3d funfly style plane, a greatplanes extra 300sp and have flown F3F gliders in the UK before I moved to spain. I am going to be buying my first large scale gas acrobat within a month..
I use a futaba T7C.
I use its basic mixes and in one or two places I set up some Pmixes (eg for "auto knife edg") but on the whole it is purely used to give me dual rates and general aircraft setup.
Before this I had a 6AX. The ONLY reason I upgraded from a 6AX is that the throttle potentiometer wore out.. and I have since discovered that they used a cheaper component in the 6ax, but from the t7c they use the better quality component that is used all the way up the range to the 14mz... so for THIS reason I upgraded. and I bought TX only brand new, for pennies.

I MIGHT soon upgrade to the 10CG or the 8FG as next season (or in 2 seasons time) hope to start competing in IMAC, and for fine-tuning some extra mixes will help.. if I wasnt going to IMAC.. the 7c has EVERYTHING I could ever want, and more, for normal flying.
The gasser I am going to build will have 2 aileron servos, rudder, throttle, ignition cut and 2 elevator servos.. all individually mixed in the TX with their own endpoints etc etc...

So best TX in the world? or the one you really NEED?