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Default RE: what is the best RC transmiter out there?

A very hard question to answer...I just switched to 2.4 this year and stuck with Fataba....because the programming on the 10 was the same as my 9 Cap.....I like the FASST system over JR's but that is just me...
If you own a radio system now it may be wise to stick with the brand you already have....go 2.4 now instead of later.....if you already are 2.4 then your receivers may work with your new system....but if you change brands they won't......
So I'll tell you this...even though you may never ever seeing yourself using 9 or 10 channels on a single airplane if you ever get into gassers you can easily...so get the biggest badest 2.4 radio you can afford....you'll be glad you did sooner or later....9 channels minimum...
Good luck to you