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Default RE: what is the best RC transmiter out there?


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These people obviously don't know what they're talking about - Airtronics makes the best transmitter out there. Sheesh!

We just call them BRAND X
Because they are X-tremely good!
All I have used for 10+ years.
Just tugging on Joes chain a little bit, I know he bought one last year. They are pretty good radios from the few I have seen, I just haven't ever set up a plane with one so have no idea how easy they are to program or what features they have. I never saw anyone using one when I was in Calif but there are a couple of guys i fly with using them here, they seem to be happy with them. Number one radio here is the JR or DX line. I'm a Futaba or Hitec person, that's why I mentioned, it's a pilots choice and no one has any idea what is the best.