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Default RE: what is the best RC transmiter out there?

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I was looking to get either the Dx 8i or something just like it, What other transmitter is good to use?
I would not buy a 2.4 Ghz transmitter that does not employ Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum.

So basically, everything except JR/Spektrum are where you should be looking.

Nothing wrong with the JR/Spektrum stuff except youhave to beware of Rx voltage needs to be above 3.8V at all times or you risk brown out and the reboot on the recievers is longer than everything else out there. reallypoor technology with great marketing.
Even some of the cheap chinese 2.4 radios are way better.
If you really want a JR then get an older PCM type and fit a Corona module. This selects three channels and tries to select then as far apart as possible.
There is also rumour that JR is dropping their 2.4 system is favour of a FHSS system although all indications are that it only hops between two channels where as others hop between up to 36 continuously.

JR needs to get with the program, they and Spektrum are some way behind.
Gosh, how have my planes stayed in the air all this time using a DX6i and a DX7?

Any of the brands recommended will work well for you. I'd suggest, if you're new to 2.4 radios, that you ask around at your field about what others use and are familiar with. This will help you determine what kind of help you can get from a personal experience standpoint from the people you fly with. I went with Spektrum because most of those I fly with use them and could show me the tricks and shortcuts. It's worked out well so far.

argh shame, another overly sensitive Spektru user. Oh well.

Why would anyone advise someoneto buy a new radio that use technology the compnay is highly likely moveing away from? Thats sortof like advising someone to buy a car with known safety problems...

The bloke is in the market for a new radio, he should buy something that uses the best current technology for the best price. Sorry but Spektrum is not that, unless the bells and whistles telemetry is a must have.

My advise is safety first so get a FHSS radio with a strng link and sufficient channels to allow some growth in model features, and allows enough mixes.
DSSS is on its way out, FHSS is growing in strength with every new system being introduced using FHSS even if it is only over two channels (some use up to 36 channels to hop between).

Like I said, theres little wrong with Spektrum/JR except to look out for the brown out problem when Rx voltage drops (go back and read, its all there).

I dunno what it si about Spektrum users that leads them to try and drag more people into their pot of misery. Its old, obsolete technolgy that not even the Chinese manufactures want to use. The RC Universe is going FHSS, get with it or get left out. If i.

If I were pushed to recommend a radio, I'd list the Futaba T8FG, Airtronics RDS8000 and Aurora A9 as the top 3 to look for.
Turnigy, FrSky, iMax also makes some excellent budget radios that use FHSS.
Corona makes a great budget DSSS that uses 3 channels instead of Spektrum's 2 and it selects them as far apart as possible (unlike Spektrum which cna select two channels close to each other). Corona will also introduce a new FHSSmodule soon.
Then there is Xtremelink, a company that hopped (pun intended) on the 2.4Ghz DSSS at the very beginning and now also uses FHSS.

Is BNF a compelling reason to go Spektrum? Only if you buy into marketing hype.
I can get a PnP and fit my own Rx for less than a BNF costs. So no, BNF is not a good enough reason.

Fortunately we all still have the freedom of choice, eve if that means chosing an inferior system.