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Default RE: STOP with the oil ratio threads, please.

ORIGINAL: summerwind

i'm still wondering why there isn't a thread on mixing oil/gas by weight.........that one doesn't come up.
You must be an engineer.

They are the only ones that can't read the label on a bottle or look at the graduation lines on a mixing cup. I work with a bunch that used to mix gas and oil by weight. After a couple years pulling my hair our everytime they hauled out the scale the problem resolved itself when the battey died and nobody had a spare. They were a long ways from anywhere and all they had left was reading the lable on the oil bottle and estimating the amount of gas in the can right after putting 5 gallons in it at the gas station......

But hey, if that what fluffs your skirt, feel free. I sure as heck won't try and stop anyone from going that route.

As for RCU having a crappy search engine...I agree. However. RCU IS NOT the Universe where RC is concerned. There just happen to be a couple of other forums devoted to giant scale. Where gas engines are the norm rather than something new. In one of them there is enough experience accumulated with the modeling population where the need for an oil and ratio question isn't needed. I spend a lot of time there these days.