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Default Need some tips some ultra polished/slippery track

Hello ,

I have already looked and posted sometime ago (a year ago) but I still need some advices on some specific details .

I'm unfortunaly back to fast moving cars ... (crawlers are not popular in France no local club for them ) .

The nearest (and best mood) club has an indoor track with polished sort of hard cold rubber floor (and with sweat being a gymnasium) .

I have run last year a B44 , ZX_5 FS and a RB5 but it was a real pain on that sort of grip, especially with only 4x4 running around on it ...

I preferred the ZX to the B44 , I found it more predictable but I got disappointed a little with the accessibility of some stuff (the changing the pinion on the motor , batteries clamping system to low, rear suspension fight with the rear wing ...)

Anyway I tried several setup . The softest spring with the softest oil / piston seems to be the way to go (not a lot of jumps , 1 or 2 max) .
I machined myself a little weight of a 100gr between the batteries (very low) to compensate the Li-po / Ni-mh weight difference to see what would happen ... and basically I had a horizontal pendulum at each corner . The rear would pull outwards the car while turning .

I had time to think about all this and now I'm thinking that on that type of track I should try to get the lightest car possible ...

Do you agree with the idea that if I got much lighter batteries (mine are nearly 300gr and I can find cheap bar one at 200 or even less gr) I could improve the cornering abilities of the car by quite a lot ? Bearing in mind that they will still offer plenty of current for my 10.5t motor .

For the tires I tried mini-pins and mini spikes (yellow Schumacher) the mini spikes worked the best . The weird thing about them is that after a 2hrs session they lost a lot of their grip . There's no obvious wear on them , do you thing it is just dust and sweat sticking on them or I am missing something ?
I have a set of full spike I will try to give them a try for curiosity's sake .

It's been a long time since I went to the club now (really got put off because of the lack of grip of the track but I miss the guys there) ... if I do go back I'll probably get a new chassis , I just love assembling and setting up a new car sorry for my wallet . The cat sx2 seems nice (I can get spare parts and everything easily) . I like the idea of it , very similar to an onroad car , seem pretty accessible and well thought .

Thanks again for the help


Ps: I underlined the questions because I talk too much

Ps2 : Another reason with why I'm not keen on my kyosho chassis is the price and availability of the spare parts is unbelievable .