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Default RE: Need some tips some ultra polished/slippery track

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The 100gr less throught the batteries is quite a lot , why I can't find post of people looking to lose weight of their car by this mean ? I see a lot of folks drilling and cutting stuff but not gainning 1/3 batterie weight by just considering different brands/size/capacity Mah . The races only last a few minutes you never really need 5000+mah exept training .

Thanks again
Since most people have gone to Lipo batteries, and away from NiMH style packs, any drastic weightloss measures have been pretty much abandoned (because its decreased weight tremendously) and people have been looking for ways to add bits of weight here and there (whether it be alloy battery trays, or GHEA brass bits) so as to increase traction and to be able to stiffen up the suspension a little (since the cars have gotten so light, and the required set-ups have been so soft, that there's been little adjustability). Personally I'm waiting to see the next generation of softer-yet tires to come out.