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Default RE: Hitec Digital Servo Programming

I see questions with regard to centering the servos often, with regard to the servo horn. What are you referencing for centering the servo arm, the servo case, hinge line or? In any event this is a common misnomer IMO. What is truly important is centering the servo in or of the surfaces travel arc. That said in nearly all cases you'll find the servo arm offset or favoring one side or the other when the servo arm is at the center of its respective travel arc. What we find is the surface linkage geometry is less than perfect with many variables that do not allow equal throw in either direction to garner equal surface deflection; accordingly we have to compensate for the mismatch by finding the travel arc center and centering the servo arm herein. While one can accommodate the unequal throw/deflection at the TX with software, it really is a mechanical thing first.

In a nutshell, using the TX requires unequal travel set points to garner equal surface deflections; accordingly your model may exhibit a more sensitive feel in one direction than the latter to compensate for the unequal travel arc of the servo arm(s). Works for some, but were really after equal servo arm travel arcs and surface deflections with equal TX stick deflection... This relatively easy to accomplish with a photo copied protractor fixed at the servo in play and a few minutes time.