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Default RE: Hitec Digital Servo Programming

ORIGINAL: Brendan Lugo



Very helpful thanks. Can you give me any hints on how to use the HPP 21 plus without my laptop to set the center and the end points. I try to follow the directions but something is missing,, what physical action actually sets the new center, and then what action sets the end point and how do you know if it is the left or right. Maybe it does not matter if both are now set to 45 deg from the new center.

Scroll down tho EPA and press both the up and down edit buttons at the same time to enter that menu. adjust the dial for your center position and press and hold for a couple seconds both the up and down edit buttons to store this position (if you just press and release the buttons with out the hold it will just take you out of the programming mode). Next turn the dial to the left and press the up button to store this location. Now turn the dial to the right and press the down button. A quick press of both the up and down edit buttons will take you out of the EPA programming menu and back to be able to scroll to any other option using either the up or down buttons.

Thank you sir, I will give this a try. What you wrote makes perfect sense, lets see if I can make it work.