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Default RE: An Unofficial Rovan 30.5 Baja Terminator Review and Two Speed

Nitro, it'll be back all pretty very soon.  Just gotta paint the body.  Already got a new frame on her.

Noyb, yes.  The bumper should not have bent that easily.  It bent from small crashes, most of which are in the vids.  Funny thing is, it must've been made in a different place.  The rest of the aluminum, like rear shock brace, is higher quality. 

Tiger, yes sir.  All of which would've been upgraded anyway except the engine cover, carb, and shock body, but definately not this soon.  I need my butt kicked over not installing the killerbee or failsafe.  I was actually about to put a failsafe on when he stopped by.  He couldn't stay but a minute, so instead of putting it on we were gonna record a quick vid.  Live and learn.  [X(]  [:@]

bbuzzard, much more vid soon as I'm off work and the weather cooperates.  Already got some waiting to be edited.  I'm trying to be as thorough and unbiased as possible.

nitro, I have km and hpi and now this rovan.  They've all had their quirks.  This one has definately been the most trouble out of the box though.

dimag, I'm not sure of the exact model.  It's the one for sale in the RCU marketplace by Danic.  That's where I bought this one.

V0RT3X, the body is actually ok.  A little more brittle than a stock 5t body, but nowhere near as pliable or durable as a proline lexan one.  I wouldn't and didn't pay for the stock body again. 

I recorded a quick vid in sand and rough hardpack where cows water to test the driveline durability.  It's very choppy.  I must say I was impressed.  It has claimed a few spur gears, diff cups, and axles.  She didn't so much as hiccup other than vibrating two bolts out.