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Default RE: An Unofficial Rovan 30.5 Baja Terminator Review and Two Speed

Mandroid, that is exactly why I did this review.  I hope this thread will follow the likes of the km thread.  The seller is very highly rated here and I have no grudges against him and may buy from again.  I would've liked a response, but was aware the customer support would not likely be there before I purchased.  I have Duratrax, Losi, hpi, KM, and now this Rovan rc.  I haven't taken advantage of the big names' customer support as I could've because I normally have plenty of spare parts, especially the ones that are cross platform and usually just rather take care of it myself immediately instead of wait, but would've liked to have gotten to swap the carb at least.  For those new to rc or 1/5 scale though, it could end their hobby.

I agree with you on the bearings.  Most rtr cars come with dimestore bearings anyway.  Add the heat from the failing clutches and they were doomed for a short life.  I've purchased cheap Chinese bearings locally at mower parts stores for a quick fix and had them lock up or come apart in no time.  Pay $2 more per bearing for a Taiwanese or Tinken bearing though when they had them with zero issues.  I've had no trouble since going to the TFE bearings.

Turbofungun, no idea where to get the hubs.  I will tell you I gave them a workout yesterday with quite a few awkward landings.  No broken parts.

Sherv, thanks!  I'm just getting started.