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Default RE: An Unofficial Rovan 30.5 Baja Terminator Review and Two Speed

Update. Woot! Just realised today is my birthday. Gonna have to celebrate by beatin up my new toy! Dang, just a few years ago 28 sounded old!

She's back all pretty with the new body painted and new frame. Humina! Humina!

I took her to a dirt pit a few miles from my house yesterday. Awesome place for em. Now if I just don't get run off. Haha. I beat it pretty hard. Not abused but definately put her to a decent bashing. The only issue I had was I put in my steel 16/58 gears because I expected deep loamy sand, but it was hard packed red dirt in most places. During the first tank I lost the spur gear bolt. Ugh. Totally my fault. With the steel gears I normally need to retighten it two or three times every few minutes till it sets, but I didn't think about it. I ran home and stuck the stock plastic 17/57 back in. By the time we made it back it was almost dark, so the pics and vid aren't the best.

Here's a few crappy pics. Had to take them wide open and at iso 3200. I'll post the vid as soon as I get it done and uled.

Oh, and one other issue. I gave the tx to my buddy that was recording the video. Told him to drive before it go toooooo dark so I could get pics. First thing he does is launch it about 25' off a bluff and lands upside down on the nose, busting the body. Hahaha. "Holy crap it's touchy!" Oh well. Got the pieces shoe gooin back together now!