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Default RE: An Unofficial Rovan 30.5 Baja Terminator Review and Two Speed

Nitro, thanks.  I usually do decent pics, but seems like I only get to post crappy ones.  Haha..

Vortex, heck yeah I busted the body already, or he did rather.  If you look at the first actjion pic right behind the headlights on the left side you can see the chunk missing.  The crack goes all the way to the windshield.  Gah!  Sadness.....

The aluminum rims are nice quality.  Mine are anyway.  They're cast, not billet, but the casting is very smoothe without any porous spots.  I haven't removed the beadlocks though and don't intend to.  I'll upload you some macro shots of them tonight or tomorrow.  I have already started the vid uploading and it'll take a long time. 

I must give them credit on the plastic quality.  I did break off one of the side mounts mounting tabs at the front where the two hex bolts go through the front chassis support in the, ummm, runaway crash.  It's still plenty strong with only one bolt.  I can turn the truck on it's side (like when tightenig the under frame bolts), without the body on where all of the weight is on the body posts, and it easily supports the entire truck's weight. 

The black plastic is, or was rather, slightly shinier than the hpi plastic, which made me think it would be brittle.  But, it has survived some pretty hard head on collisions.  I don't know how well their quality control is, but if all of it is the same as mine I wouldn't think twice about using it.