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Default RE: SuperTiger .45 HELP

ORIGINAL: HighPlains

I don't think ST even tells about rotating the entire NV assembly for mid-range adjustment anymore.

How much time does the engine have on it? It's not worth messing with the idle needle until you go though the first gallon or two.
Both of these comments are wrong.

The instructions say "Finally, the midrange can be adjusted by rotating the spraybar a hair. Just loosen the two screws next to the high-speed needle and rotate the spraybar just a tiny bit. Either direction is OK. This will help you get a good transition and midrange."

The second comment is wrong because the super tiger 45 is not a ringed engine - it doesn't need to be broken in like the ringed tigers. So the comment about waiting until you go through the first gallon or two is wrong for this engine. The tower website lists it as "SuperTigre GS-45 Dual BB ABC w/Muffler" and the description fpr this engine says "ABC cylinder and piston (An "A"luminum piston with a "B"rass "C"hromed cylinder sleeve).